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Genocide of the Firstbloods Lyrics

Legion of Adonai - Apocalyptic Revelator

Apocalyptic Revelator

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2. Genocide of the Firstbloods (4:20)
Death is the religion of this final age
Daily worship echoes throughout the wastelands
Holy sacraments given unto the hosts of Hades in the sight of the Saviour forsaken
Nine-inch nails driven in over and over
Torn flesh reanimated, torn once more
Cat of nine aviserating
Crown of thorns oppressing trice

The symbol of cruelty and sadism refitted and redesigned
Reprogrammed by relapsed morality

Societal transitionings numbing us through consistency
Justice to the unjustified
Diluting humanity's conscience prevailing predation
Annihilation of the adolescents

So far we've waxed sloth...
So far we've dimmed...
So far we've decayed...
We sense its groaning...reverberating...underneath...calvary

Their blood, their blood seeps through their blood
The origin of innocent fruit
Union of the seed brought before the executioner
Dismembered anatomy to satiate the god of death
The next generation will only know death...
The voice of reason fades further and further from us
The voices fade...
Bow down to death, our new and welcomed god
He demands more blood
He demands more blood
How long will we continue to give up the innocent to the god of death

How far...are we going to follow the father of lies all in the name of convenience
I have become my own false god
Deceived like the first creation
Finding pleasure in my ungodly nature
Sodom my dwelling
Gomorrah my sanctuary
Wormwood my eternity

The blood
My God the blood
No not my God
Myself the god of death
You fallen speck of nothing
Thou filth, I will curse thee
O little god, whore of the wormwood
Death is your payment
Blood is your concubine
Your life was your child's end
My wrath is your child's sword
I will cut you off

For I am He, vengeance is Mine
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Legion of Adonai - Apocalyptic Revelator
Apocalyptic Revelator - Lyrics
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