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Apocalyptic Revelator Lyrics

Legion of Adonai - Apocalyptic Revelator

Apocalyptic Revelator

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1. Apocalyptic Revelator (4:42)
Hear us now, thou lovers of indulgent sin
Practitioners of wickedness
Thy continued path leads to perdition
Fade to black is thy eternal reward

You cannot hide thy masquerade in the shadows
You have been weighed and measured
Heavy thou art on the scales of damnation
Heed to sorrow

Oh apocalyptic revelator
The new dawn is upon us now
Look at us now
We are the final generation of the impending darkness

Lost in the decay of our own perversion
Apocalyptic revelator
Describe our looming destruction
We say unto you
Rebellion for the godless scourge
May your tongues dissolve in your throats
May it rot...rot...rot...

May it rot in your damned putrid words

We are the apocalyptic revelators
We sing a new song now
We are the messengers of unwanted truth
Ware the scourge to your ears
We sing a new song
No longer do we scream
To pander to your decayed itching ears

You will know our song in time
For we tell you the agony has just begun
Drink...drink...drink your agony down
Bow in your disgrace

Soon we say unto you
Deny yourself in the face of the true God
His wrath is coming
You won't endure
You can't hold out
We are the last messengers
Second chances have passed into the fires of ignorance
Oh hearers of honest reasoning
We are the apocalyptic revelators

Seek out the divider of ages
Be not afraid to burn in the baptism of fire
Purge yourselves of decay
Peace be still
We are the final sent ones
Heed or die
You may think us cruel
But we already told you
We are the messengers of unwanted truth
You will not be brought high
We bring the weeping hour
We are the agony of souls
The last hope
The Son of Man cometh
Blood will spill
We are true followers of He who sits on the right hand

We are...the despised truth
We are...we are the rising apocalypse
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Legion of Adonai - Apocalyptic Revelator
Apocalyptic Revelator - Lyrics
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