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As Dusk Weaves The Night Lyrics

In tha Umbra - Descend Supreme Sunset

Descend Supreme Sunset

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
LabelsAgonia Records
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1. As Dusk Weaves The Night (7:59)
A rain of black blood
For Death and lust eternal
And armmageddon to descend
In rapture and decay
Enchantress of the scythe
Harvesting the damned
Across skies of red
As dusk weaves the night

Nocturnal... moonlight dressed as a flame
A freezing mist kissing like a spell
To adore the weeping sunset in mourning
Embracing this desire for the night
As if a dream of everlasting darkness
In lust a moon so sublime as eternal
Tainted with red for blood running endlessly
Ate wept with the death of Ra
Absorbing landscapes of wonder and chaos
Immemorial horizons that reach the most ancient storms
Purest than a virgin heart
In a loom of flesh and blood and golden threads
Sunset supreme melting to weave the night
Like a blooming black rose awaken in Hades
And with Ereshkigal by side to conquer
Surrounding black velvet from above and beyond

Like a shrine to seduce a pale cold body
In music and perfume vanishing to reborn

The wolves howl to the moon
As dusk weaves the night
The sunset breed sing of mystic beauty
And trees older than seasons are enamoured

As dusk weaves the night
Ravens haunt the innocent cattle
The eldest paths are opening beneath
In the embracing light of Hecate

A silhouette of pale cold seducing cerements
The scent of dying shadows and everlasting decadence
In landscapes where chaos and wonder meet
Immemorial storms across endless horizons
In pure and twisted virginity spawned
Weaved in a loom of flesh and blood
As the night is weaved by sunset supreme
Hades awaken like a blooming black rose
Conquering with Ereshkigal by side
From above and beyond black velvet surrounds
Fenriz howl
Sublime the lady with the scythe
Harvesting to armmageddon
As dusk weaves the night
Higher goes Astarte
Moonrise in rapture
Withering charms of light
As dusk weaves the night
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