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Cannibal Resurrection Lyrics

Human Mincer - Embryonized


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBrutal Death Metal
LabelsXtreem Music
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
8. Cannibal Resurrection (4:03)
Track rating :  90 / 100       Votes :  1       [ ]
I seek your eyes, your fucking soul
and to eat the fear of bastard angels,
now you can see to your muderous

I am a messenger of death
a king of macabre massacres

I won't lose my hope of watching your interior,
my favorite word, the fussion of the bodies, dead bodies

I have my own corpses bulk
and I dream with a visceral bath
decomposed forms of amputated limbs,
rotten carnosites mixed with vomit and blood

A repungant scene of mutilated bodies
in natural human rot process
this is repulsive but to me it's like repulsive,
to me it's like the flavor of rotten dead

I start the dissection of a new cadaver,
opening the abdomen extract the guts
I mutilate the rest and I add it to the bulk
the putrifaction of the man starts

Bathed in christian flesh and blood
I devoured the fleshy evangelical bulk
I felt the nauseous flavor of each bite
and their sacred blood in my veins

Feed me the body of jesus,
he delivered me his soul through the remains
or innocent servants of the lord,
to reborn of the christian gizzards converted in the new messiah
and to reign in earth and heaven
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Human Mincer - Embryonized
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