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Shattered Throne Lyrics

Dysphoria - Primal Entropy

Primal Entropy

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4. Shattered Throne (4:15)
The empirical experience proves that people change for worse.
At dawn of the interrelations we are sincere and diligent to create the most pleasant impression about ourselves.
Gaily dancing with lies to look like we use every day at maximum effectiveness, sharing purpose to world, giving ourselves the sense of development.
The age kills all noble motives in us because age is a servant of time.
Time doesn't mend.
Time saturates us with information, but makes us rough and hard-hearted.
We become suspicious and distrustful.
We look for hidden tricks.
There are no more sincere deeds.
Sophisticated train of chess-like combinations teaching us to feign.
Your goal is to cause damage to social surroundings who are your enemies.
They are the rivals for resources, for the opportunity to feed your egoism further to assure yourself that you are walking a certain path bringing to hedonism, and you can misappropriate the painstaking work of others' merits.
We ignore request of near and dear, and put ourselves on pedestal of our own ambitions, we create invisible barrier between ourselves and sensible reality.
We fence ourselves with useless vanity by gluing up our eyes with soothing mantras about personal superiority.
We create nothing and drag into this black hole everything that belongs to others.
We fall behind being grinded by the history skyline and our own delusions.
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Dysphoria - Primal Entropy
Primal Entropy - Lyrics
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Dysphoria - Primal Entropy
Primal Entropy - Album Credits
  • Maksym Kovalenko : Vocals, Lyrics
  • Oleksii Pereverziev : Guitars, Lyrics
  • Oleksandr Chub : Bass
  • Volodymyr Pereginets : Drums
Other staff
  • Oleksii Pereverziev : Producer
  • Dysphoria : Recording, Mixing, Mastering
  • Armaada Art : Artwork, Illustrations
  • Vladislav Tsarenko : Digipack Design
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