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The Serpent Lyrics

Divine Disorder - Garden of Dystopia

Garden of Dystopia

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal, Symphonic Death Metal
LabelsInazuma Productions
Album rating :  87 / 100
Votes :  5
7. The Serpent (6:02)
Mark your stones for it is the start of time

You are the seduced puppet living in a horrid coma, a doomsday coma
Curled up in a black box of sands
That is just an emblem that represents an agenda

Leading people into the crystal flood
But it’s just their own making
Driven by the machine slavery
You are but a credulous monarch
Rerouted into the contagious passageway
The beauty of the misinterpreted spectacle
A well-covered eye, dressing the conception

Consummating the desire of your inner discontent

This is the undependable, unproductive state of mind
Surrounded by the fear of omnipresent construction
List made of rules and barefaced stories
Drenched in heretic attempts of resistance
I am a victim of an endless irony

By the fall of the empyrean
Their eyes rain blood
Scorching them viciously
As they speak between the lines

And she said to me, as they speak between the eyes
Lies and lies, upon even more, all over again
Hammering those manipulated whispers
Calling it, (the subliminal messages), the undeniable truth

Please! Please! Let me have a taste of the obscured fruit
Please! Let me sink my teeth (For it is but a survival game)
Into and through that beautiful red (Besides, It is just a code)

O’ Father, forgive me for I have redeemed me self
The eye has; yet again done good, and now; she asks for your leave
Hades! She’ll be coming ‘round the incinerated mountain
Hades! When she comes, there is no place to hide.

You are but an apostle embracing the substantial manifestation of life.
No man can besiege your mind.
Every misstep you take,
Ignorantly, a million others will take.

You are free to learn from these lessons
Made by you, through me and back to her
Burning the shields of their cortex
Reaping freaks and servants of time

Despite the lies
We learn from
The crowds and their lord
We’ll keep evolving deep inside
As I am god’s message evolved deep within
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Divine Disorder - Garden of Dystopia
Garden of Dystopia - Lyrics
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Divine Disorder - Garden of Dystopia
Garden of Dystopia - Album Credits
  • Yousef "Azurayl" Alrumaidheen : Vocals
  • Jassem "Darkvain" Alrumaidheen : Clean Vocals, Bass, Programming, Orchestration
  • Solkrad : Guitars, Backing Vocals
  • Mahmoud "Mortis" Tahan : Keyboards
  • Guest/session Musicians:
  • Achokarlos : Guitars, Bass, Guitars (lead) on 7 & 8
  • George Eliassen : Clean Vocals on 1
  • Paolo Rossi : Clean Vocals on 9
  • Egan O'Rourke : Clean Vocals on 11
  • Pzycoma : Orchestration (additional Programming) on 1-5, Guitars (lead) on 7
  • Toren ST Moren : Guitars (lead) on 4
  • Yossi Sassi : Guitars (lead) on 11
  • Gus Drax : Guitars (lead) on 11
  • Kevin Talley : Drums
  • Jon Phipps : Orchestration (additional Programming) on 6 & 7, Guitars (lead) on 3
  • Oliver Palotai : Orchestration (additional Programming) on 9 & 11
  • Elle Torry : Violin on 4 & 11
  • Gevorg Dabaghyan : Duduk on 11
  • Kip Rosser : Theremin on 8
  • Dan-Elias Brevig : Clean Vocals on 4, 6 & 11, Vocals (choirs and Effects) on 2, 4, 6, 7, 9 & 11
  • Karl Sanders : Guitars (lead) on 2 & 5
  • Christofer Malmström : Guitars (lead) on 1 & 9
  • Shane Gibson : Guitars (lead) on 5
  • Steve Smyth : Guitars (lead) on 7
  • Erez Yohanan : Orchestration (additional Programming) on 8
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