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The Gambit Lyrics

Divine Disorder - Garden of Dystopia

Garden of Dystopia

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal, Symphonic Death Metal
LabelsInazuma Productions
Album rating :  87 / 100
Votes :  5
4. The Gambit (8:04)
Take my hand, oblivious child
Wading in blissful Lethe
Heed my voice, solemn and true
Caressing whispers ‘neath your temple
Let it seep into those translucent eyes
Filling in the serpent spine
Auditorium of unpredictable precision
The truth woven of a million lies

All there is and all that's been
Is but a song of transient glory
As the more we coalesce the more it arises
Beautiful tragedy, deciduous beauty

Welcome to this limbo
Farm of the imaginary oracles
Be wary of the four freaks
Names of Knowledge
Elder of the altar
Infant of insight
And myself (Keeper of the keys)

Take my hand, succulent youth
Let me tell you the epoch of your heart
Everlasting incandescence of ravenous lust
Let my body shroud your mind in adulation
And my touch ignite the flames within
Let it burn through your veins under trembling skin

Keep you lascivious gaze to mine
These enamoured eyes won't tell lies
Do you feel the arrivals of the sharp reverberations?
Let them whisk you to glorious rapture

Take my hand, stranded girl
Let us open the gates to the universe
And claim your rightful throne
The so called worlds of the living lay at your feet

This is not the chance
To play the innocent
You are the initiator of the chosen-kind
This is the only chance
For you to give yourself to me

Let’s dance...
To the Victory we both share
Of the inside; shall we reveal the gates?
Open thy self; as thou heareth the circles
Dancing, like a broken carousel

Take my hand, lost deity
Your mind's creation is absolution
Beckon forth the sun's Sabbath
Let you’re fantasies bid you flight
And sway with me under the pale moonlight

You have risen atop the world
At the level of the so called watchful eye
Beware the Arcanist’s ways
The most delicate and the most contagious
Because you’re the only one who preached long enough

Relax! And cross the doorway
Flashbacks thou see
Of thy ancestor's fears and lies
Forgotten, like a rusted carousel
Shall we dance?
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Divine Disorder - Garden of Dystopia
Garden of Dystopia - Lyrics
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Divine Disorder - Garden of Dystopia
Garden of Dystopia - Album Credits
  • Yousef "Azurayl" Alrumaidheen : Vocals
  • Jassem "Darkvain" Alrumaidheen : Clean Vocals, Bass, Programming, Orchestration
  • Solkrad : Guitars, Backing Vocals
  • Mahmoud "Mortis" Tahan : Keyboards
  • Guest/session Musicians:
  • Achokarlos : Guitars, Bass, Guitars (lead) on 7 & 8
  • George Eliassen : Clean Vocals on 1
  • Paolo Rossi : Clean Vocals on 9
  • Egan O'Rourke : Clean Vocals on 11
  • Pzycoma : Orchestration (additional Programming) on 1-5, Guitars (lead) on 7
  • Toren ST Moren : Guitars (lead) on 4
  • Yossi Sassi : Guitars (lead) on 11
  • Gus Drax : Guitars (lead) on 11
  • Kevin Talley : Drums
  • Jon Phipps : Orchestration (additional Programming) on 6 & 7, Guitars (lead) on 3
  • Oliver Palotai : Orchestration (additional Programming) on 9 & 11
  • Elle Torry : Violin on 4 & 11
  • Gevorg Dabaghyan : Duduk on 11
  • Kip Rosser : Theremin on 8
  • Dan-Elias Brevig : Clean Vocals on 4, 6 & 11, Vocals (choirs and Effects) on 2, 4, 6, 7, 9 & 11
  • Karl Sanders : Guitars (lead) on 2 & 5
  • Christofer Malmström : Guitars (lead) on 1 & 9
  • Shane Gibson : Guitars (lead) on 5
  • Steve Smyth : Guitars (lead) on 7
  • Erez Yohanan : Orchestration (additional Programming) on 8
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