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Animus Lyrics

Divine Disorder - Garden of Dystopia

Garden of Dystopia

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal, Symphonic Death Metal
LabelsInazuma Productions
Album rating :  87 / 100
Votes :  5
8. Animus (6:54)
Is it loneliness again? Is it darkness still?
An epilogue of existence
Can I close my eyes now?
Has it been solved? Or did I miserably fail?
Can I see everything perfectly?
But until when? I don’t understand
I am one as I am all...

The interrogations vanish behind the scenes
Agglomerating answers, speak about its perfection
Lost the roots of its questions
And we ask why, after why
We pass through our deepest spot of our ocean
Deep thinking of the past that is written in the future’s book

Should I react? Or should I predict?

Then I found myself...Alone
To calculate, to compute and replicate
Under high level of intelligence
To measure, to count and duplicate
Under the codes I play (Do you know that miraculously millions die?)
To reproduce and to evaluate!

I have been following a path
A path that I have worked all my life
To achieve an achievement that seemed impossible
Impossible in a sense of a peaceful human

A man that lost his abilities
A wrong that is called right
A right that is named left
A left that carries beings upward to the core of earth
A land, a home, that played at a multiple literatures

In the name of Gaia
In the name of… I… couldn’t not tell (Couldn't not tell)
Wither its nihility of a boring eternity
Or is it? The ugly beauty of the absolute

The questions vanish behind the scenes
Agglomerating answers
Lost the roots of its interrogations
And we ask why, after why

No initials and unclear ruination, Ashes of purity.
Decoding the box, of Pandora’s codex

I am now liberal
I descry, therefore I visualize
Uncertain if I can certify
Did I cease to exist?
What’s behind the curtains?
There where I have been derived
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Submitted by level 17 GloomingOldGuy
Divine Disorder - Garden of Dystopia
Garden of Dystopia - Lyrics
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Divine Disorder - Garden of Dystopia
Garden of Dystopia - Album Credits
  • Yousef "Azurayl" Alrumaidheen : Vocals
  • Jassem "Darkvain" Alrumaidheen : Clean Vocals, Bass, Programming, Orchestration
  • Solkrad : Guitars, Backing Vocals
  • Mahmoud "Mortis" Tahan : Keyboards
  • Guest/session Musicians:
  • Achokarlos : Guitars, Bass, Guitars (lead) on 7 & 8
  • George Eliassen : Clean Vocals on 1
  • Paolo Rossi : Clean Vocals on 9
  • Egan O'Rourke : Clean Vocals on 11
  • Pzycoma : Orchestration (additional Programming) on 1-5, Guitars (lead) on 7
  • Toren ST Moren : Guitars (lead) on 4
  • Yossi Sassi : Guitars (lead) on 11
  • Gus Drax : Guitars (lead) on 11
  • Kevin Talley : Drums
  • Jon Phipps : Orchestration (additional Programming) on 6 & 7, Guitars (lead) on 3
  • Oliver Palotai : Orchestration (additional Programming) on 9 & 11
  • Elle Torry : Violin on 4 & 11
  • Gevorg Dabaghyan : Duduk on 11
  • Kip Rosser : Theremin on 8
  • Dan-Elias Brevig : Clean Vocals on 4, 6 & 11, Vocals (choirs and Effects) on 2, 4, 6, 7, 9 & 11
  • Karl Sanders : Guitars (lead) on 2 & 5
  • Christofer Malmström : Guitars (lead) on 1 & 9
  • Shane Gibson : Guitars (lead) on 5
  • Steve Smyth : Guitars (lead) on 7
  • Erez Yohanan : Orchestration (additional Programming) on 8
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