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Vomiting Psycho Intent Lyrics

Cenotaph - Reincarnation in Gorextasy

Reincarnation in Gorextasy

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBrutal Death Metal, Technical Death Metal
LabelsUnmatched Brutality Records
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2. Vomiting Psycho Intent (3:49)
Staring at you with the revulsion withing Plotting the ways to end this infection Your infectious life, soiled being Standing by your side, but with the saw this time Wait on whore wait on our misery is coming vomiting psycho intents, here to feed you choke on.. whore choke on your own Blood? Guts that used to take pleasure in, now ripped out throbbing on the floor, a fuckin desperate prey Your ribs are wide open instead of your lets. Disintegration intiates with the psycho intents Abhorrence of the saw, ferocious slay Raw cold blooded retaliation Sultry pus on your face, you are blood red For what you have to pay Saw chops the genitalia, heart dismantled You have nothing to give to no one now Hands tied, blindfolded get your excruciating reward Vomiting psycho intents to your insides Repulsive entity covered with emission and gore dilapidated flesh, ragged skin still warm Laid down, moaning, pathetic? Betrayal redefined, memories erased Broken your cycle of decapitation Decapitated, eyes soaked in blood You can?! carry on a whore? can't carry on Your sickest fuck is over is over, a gruesome carnage Hope it satisfied you nympho Suffer on whore, suffer on your deterioration.
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Cenotaph - Reincarnation in Gorextasy
Reincarnation in Gorextasy - Lyrics
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Cenotaph - Reincarnation in Gorextasy
Reincarnation in Gorextasy - Album Credits
  • Batu Cetin : Vocals
  • Basar Cetin : Guitars
  • Cihan Akun : Guitars
  • Caðlar Yürüt : Drums
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