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Scream Feeding Lyrics

Archspire - The Lucid Collective

The Lucid Collective

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
LabelsSeason of Mist
Album rating :  81 / 100
Votes :  5
2. Scream Feeding (4:21)
There is an urban dungeon encased in brick.
Within it lies a tunnel into the horror of a man's
multiple lives.
This mans opposing paths collide.
Birthing a mutant mass that hides in the red pulsing
glowing windows.

One will form a life of moral principle, love and
Until discovering his other self killed his whole
Spoiling his son and wife?s pure essence and
Feeding them to a monster that his minds created.

A massive human form made entirely of teeth.
Repulsive and dripping that feeds on screams.
This hideous form made flesh by the endless pit
That merges parallel dimensions on earth.
Three red windows open portals.
These windows reveal the same life.

When the man was born, when I was woken from my fetal
With a rusty kitchen blade,
His mother lay open amongst decay.
Her peltry gaping, gushing fluid over floor tile.
With his first breath of salty cold biting air,
My crippled infant chest filled up with sulphur mold
and fear.
His first vision induced panic stricken cries.
Our fathers twisted rotting mind,
Peering out from bulging vacant eyes.

Altered since delivery.

I carry the burden to feed the nightmare,
As his loved ones laughter taunts me.
I will steal whats dear to him
As I have suffered so shall he.

My shadow heaves black vomit.

Scream feeding this beast makes it larger.
Swelling with each shriek it eats.
We've bred a man that's made of many teeth.
Scream feeding.
He is disgusted yet he watches,
As it grows in one of three red windows.
Scream feeding.
From reeking gums his rotten laughter leeks.

As a useless child, nothing more then barely human
His first tooth fell from his sunken pale veiny face.
He saw that night his creator's saving grace
When this first sign of mortal decay was placed under
his head
In the kennel where he was forced to lay.

He dreamed so real, a splendid day
When his mother appeared in flowing white,
Shining a brilliant light through the grim encasing
Embracing him and taking him away.

So he pulled out all his teeth.

Split wide. path divide.
Forced to pry tooth from gum of many others.

"The motherless one, you are a fatherless son.
Somehow you arrived the night she first appeared,
You come from no one.
Rising from a parallel realm of the unknown,
A cursed dark duplicate from beyond.

Cut away. fallow them.
Force them here and be rewarded.
Take their skin and you shall see her,
Take their cries to use as fodder.
Hear this now from me your other,
I?m upstairs, you must not come here.
Keep my family distant from this secret spawn.

Our paths are split, yours is worse.
Yet both reflect within each other.
I feel your dread when you must feed it,
And your crushing envy for my comfort.
The creature remains hidden
However,if our paths collide
What we have made will be unleashed
To feast forever."

Your voice circles through my head...a pathetic plea.
I?m crossing over, you will face me. you will see it's
We will merge in one last feast to set our sick
creation free.

I smash the glass.
I feed the beast our dying screams,
It is now released.

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Archspire - The Lucid Collective
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Archspire - The Lucid Collective
The Lucid Collective - Album Credits
  • Oli Peters : Vocals
  • Jaron Evil : Bass, Vocals
  • Tobi Morelli : Guitars
  • Dean Lamb : Guitars
  • Spencer Prewett : Drums
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