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Join Us Beyond Lyrics

Archspire - The Lucid Collective

The Lucid Collective

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
LabelsSeason of Mist
Album rating :  81 / 100
Votes :  5
5. Join Us Beyond (4:23)
I awake on the shore.
The entity that greets me upon this plane
Appears as many changing forms.
Flushing constant waves of shape,
None of which I have ever seen.

"To unite, we breed with all species indiscriminately,
live or dead, from any universe.
Righteous, the torment that you will endure
Just to comprehend what we are.
Over come the self, Leave your fear behind.
Open up your mind.
Let us in."

I'm asked by the being if I'm dreaming or I'm dead?

When the portal opened,Changing everything,
Catastrophic multitudes of dimensional mending
Offset the natural order.
Spreading its disease over every world
In the wake of its infection.
Causing counter planetary lifeforms to contact each
By engaging mental methods of unifying dream response.

Thus the alliance for timeless existence formed.
A galactic coalition of intelligence.
Unanimously ravelling their consciousness to become

"Ever growing, we are many, join us in our hive.
Dream with us and we will teach you
How to visualize the surroundings of your new world.
Once you break through the fabrications of fear
You can become any construct that you desire.
If your dream be that of fire
Transform the fire to earth, wind or water.
Sculpt the elements around you with intricacy.
Comprehend the nature of their pliable dimensions.

You are the conductor.

The path is clear to cut away the fabric of time,
linear,That which you fear
And join us beyond.

Always question if you are dreaming.
Envision every inch of your newly born surroundings
As pieces of your self.
For you have constructed every molecule
Of this unstable plane of the subconscious,
Comprising your lucid dream.

Remove the body through the mind.
Find your hands while you are dreaming,
Carry that self to the distant place where your old
dying self lay.
Sink into this decomposing human slab
And ride upon its life light as it fades in flashes."

My essence now mates with the thousands of others,
No longer apart from the creature that brought me
The voice of this entity has been ingrained into me,
Guiding my path into hyper reality.
Breaking down patterns of pain that emerge
In the very last seconds before my new reckoning.
Thriving in a formless state of pure expression.
Fearlessly I join the lucid collective beyond.

A web of new life awaits exempt of the body.
Leave yourself behind and become one with the hive.
Join us beyond the gateways of the dreaming dead.
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Submitted by level 17 GloomingOldGuy
Archspire - The Lucid Collective
The Lucid Collective - Lyrics
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Archspire - The Lucid Collective
The Lucid Collective - Album Credits
  • Oli Peters : Vocals
  • Jaron Evil : Bass, Vocals
  • Tobi Morelli : Guitars
  • Dean Lamb : Guitars
  • Spencer Prewett : Drums
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