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Internal Landscapes Lyrics

Anathema - Weather Systems

Weather Systems

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Rock, Art Rock, Post-Rock
Album rating :  92.8 / 100
Votes :  70
9. Internal Landscapes (8:52)
Track rating :  90.5 / 100       Votes :  12       [ ]
"And I felt myself going. I was in a great deal of pain.
It was a very frightening experience.
I began to slip. I just started to feel myself going,
and I remember trying to hold on. 'I'll be OK, I'll be OK,'
and it got to the point where I just couldn't.
And everything began to just become very quiet,
and I can remember with every ounce of strength I had,
I wanted to say goodbye to my wife. It was important to me.
And I did, I remember just turning my head and looking at her
and saying, 'I'm gonna die. Goodbye, Joan,' and I did.
It was then that I experienced...
experienced what we call a near death experience.
For me, it was nothing near about it; it was there.
It was a total immersion in light,
brightness, warmth, peace, security.
I did not have an out of body experience.
I did not see my body or anyone about me.
I just immediately went into this beautiful bright light.
It's difficult to describe;
matter of fact, it's impossible to describe.
Verbally, it cannot be expressed;
it's something which becomes you and you become it.
I could say that I was peace, I was love,
I was the brightness; it was part of me."
(Joe Geraci, 1981)

Goodbye, my friend
Life will never end
And I feel like you,
and I breathe on truth

Love is the life breath of all I see
Love is true life inside of me
And I know you somehow
as I hold you in my heart, in my heart

There's a fire in the sky, and I know it's you
There's a light, it's all around,
and I know it's you, I know it's you
And I feel like you 'cause I breathe on truth

For I was always there
I will always be there

"It's just so beautiful.
It was eternity, it's like I was always there,
and I will always be there,
that my existence on earth was just a very brief instant.
I could say that I was peace, I was love,
I was the brightness; it was part of me."
(Joe Geraci, 1981)
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Anathema - Weather Systems
Weather Systems - Lyrics
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Anathema - Weather Systems
Weather Systems - Album Credits
  • Vincent Cavanagh : Guitars (track 6), Vocals (tracks 1-3, 6-9), Keyboards (tracks 1, 3, 5, 9), Programming (tracks 1, 3, 5-7), Bass (track 6), Backing Vocals (track 6)
  • Danny Cavanagh : Guitars (tracks 1-4, 6-9), Vocals (tracks 5, 8), Piano (tracks 2, 3, 8), Keyboards (tracks 1, 3, 5, 9), Bass (tracks 4, 5, 9)
  • Jamie Cavanagh : Bass (track 6)
  • John Douglas : Drums (tracks 2, 4-9), Programming (track 6), Synthesizer
  • Lee Douglas : Female Vocals (tracks 1-4, 6, 9), Backing Vocals (track 5)
Additional musicians
  • Christer-André Cederberg : Bass (tracks 1-3, 5, 7, 8), Piano (track 7)
  • Wetle Holte : Drums (tracks 1, 3)
  • Joseph Geraci : Spoken Word (track 9)
  • Petter Carlsen : Backing Vocals (tracks 1, 2)
Other staff
  • Christer-André Cederberg : Producer, Engineer
  • Andrea Wright : Engineer
  • Chris Sansom : Mastering Engineer
  • Dave Stewart : Producer (strings)
  • Steve Price : Recording (strings)
  • Vincent Cavanagh : Artwork, Design, Layout
  • Sarah Derat : Artwork, Design, Layout
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