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Bury the Ring Lyrics

Veal - Age of Overload

Age of Overload

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresGroove Metal, Metalcore
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7. Bury the Ring (5:59)
Bury the Ring Lyrics
leaving a blissfull path behind
the call of destiny pulls me into the night
armed with a rusted paper-knife
and childlike heartbeat strong as an avalanche
the will to destroy!

through valleys and mountains I run
beneath their claws and axes
this journey from “be” to “become”
is the only that matters

just. one. goal!
will. to. destroy!

embraced by evil, set down on my knees
mouthful of dust, can’t even try to breathe
I need to build myself up
climb up on my feet
‘cause I’m the only one, who can bury the ring
will...fate...needs to be done!

each step closer I get to a throat
of the unholy mountain
its all-seeing eye becomes wider
inviting me in
need to sneak through the bars
pass the gates, fool the guards
find the chapel of stolen sun
plant the seed and run

the time comes to write the last chapter
use my sword of love to sacrifice the demon
the hardest part of all
the demon is my ego
I need to cut my wrists
the only way to let go
the demon fights back scratching
clenching my throat
won’t let me sink the gold in crimson blood
last gasp of courage
the final call!
unholy mountain bow down and choke!

from “be” to ”become”
the fate has been done

embraced by evil, set down on your knees
mouthful of dust, can’t even try to breathe
you need to build yourself up
climb up on your feet
we’re all the only ones, who can bury the ring.
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-02-02)
Veal - Age of Overload
Age of Overload - Lyrics
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