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The Man Who Saw Through Time Lyrics

Threshold - Legends of the Shires

Legends of the Shires

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal
LabelsNuclear Blast
Album rating :  91.1 / 100
Votes :  9
3. The Man Who Saw Through Time (11:51)
Someone told him he could see the future
From this moment to the end
If he found a place from where to view it
With a heart to comprehend
But every time he tries, it feels about as wise
As jumping into space
Held down by a force
He knows he has no access to that place
A filter he can't erase

Yet he doesn't see the harm in knowing
All the things he has in store
Curiosity now overflowing
Off he sets to find the door
And everything he knew and everything he thought
Were ripples on the tide
For right out of the blue
He came upon the doorway open wide
So softly he stepped inside

It was a long enthralling night
Fascination filled his sight
As he gazed on all that's still to come
Many things should not be seen
Unless they choose to be
Or you find the place to view them from
And now his eyes were open wide

How he cried at all the pain
How he glowed at his success
He watched his life unfolding
How he hid from all the shame
How he laughed when he was blessed
His lows and highs beholding
But now he knew too much
The man who saw through time

So happy with his lot
He relaxed and soon forgot
All the struggles that would take him there
Now the future that he saw
Was darker than before
So he went and found the door again
And now his eyes were open wide

How he cried at all he saw
How he grieved for his success
He watched his life unfolding
Now his life brought only shame
Now unsure if he was blessed
More lows than highs beholding
For now he knew too much
The man who saw through time

(x2) All the things he thought he'd done
All the things he would become
All the things he dreamt and loved
Were ripples on the tide

Back at home he made a bold decision
Working harder than before
To obliterate that second vision
And find the other one he saw
And every time it hurt or felt a little worse
The more he fought the tide
So maybe he'll fulfill
Greater stories still
The man who saw through time
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Threshold - Legends of the Shires
Legends of the Shires - Album Credits
  • Glynn Morgan : Vocals
  • Karl Groom : Guitars
  • Steve Anderson : Bass
  • Johanne James : Drums
  • Richard West : Keyboards
Additional musicians
  • Jon Jeary : Vocals (track 12)
Other staff
  • Richard West : Producer
  • Karl Groom : Producer, Mixing Engineer
  • Mika Jussila : Mastering Engineer
  • Elena Dudina : Artwork
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