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Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams Lyrics

Threshold - Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal
Album rating :  88.9 / 100
Votes :  12
5. Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams (9:44)
Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams Lyrics
in heavy consternation I move across the hall
I pictured this so many times
and wasn’t scared at all
but every time I got this far I never felt so small
my mind was full of questions
of arguments and lies
but every word was melted down
when I looked in your eyes
and I don’t need these memories
for now I’m mesmerized
and I’m staring down the barrel of my life

now I’m entranced, you possess my full attention
how my thought dance freely on the journey
you attended all along, to somewhere I belong
like a pilot in the sky in the sky of dreams

can you promise me the world
and everything I need
can you promise me the world
can you promise me a sky
that’s trouble free and clear
so it’s safe for me to fly

but who can stop my plane (stop my plane)
from drifting out of range (far away)

will this sky be precious to defend
will my sights go dark before the end
will I see the landing lights again

can you offer me the speed
to travel like the wind
if I ever feel the need
can you guarantee the sun
won’t melt away my wings
way before my journey’s done

and who can stop my plane (stop my plane)
from drifting out of range? (far away)

drifting away (drifting away)
out of the grey and out of control
such a nice day (such a nice day) for drifting away

what became of the blue horizon
are you sure I was flying blind
never saw that the plane was diving
never thought I was out of time
and now I’m disenchanted
you endure my disaffection
all my systems running red
the radio is down and there’s trouble ahead

get me back down
I lost my way and I want to be grounded
get me back down
I lost my way coming out of the storm

did I promise you a sky
where rain would never fall
or did you listen to a lie
did you radio to base
I waited for your call
but you left without a trace

but I can stop your plane (stop your plane)
from drifting out of range! (far away)

still this sky is precious to defend
still your will last until the end
you will see the landing lights again
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Threshold - Dead Reckoning
Dead Reckoning - Lyrics
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Threshold - Dead Reckoning
Dead Reckoning - Album Credits
  • Andrew "Mac" McDermott : Vocals
  • Karl Groom : Guitars
  • Nick Midson : Guitars
  • Steve Anderson : Bass
  • Johanne James : Drums
  • Richard West : Keyboards
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