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The Peons of the Cosmos Lyrics

The Loom of Time - NihilReich


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlackened Death Metal, Thrash Metal
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5. The Peons of the Cosmos (6:42)
The Peons of the Cosmos Lyrics
Life is a fad,
And the universe will shed it sooner or later.
So scurry about with your hands over your eyes,
Pretending that we might actually exist.

Do you create your own meaning just by living your life?
What great authority you must wield.
While you're at it, why not also create a pantheon,
Full of deities that sympathise with your ideals?

Or better yet,
Elevate yourself, and be your own god,
And you'll be just as much a slave,
To all your natural faults.

A time will come when all of life will end,
When everything you've ever known will be lost,
Not a single shred of evidence that you ever existed,
Or ever did a single thing that you claim to have done.

We are the peons of the cosmos.
Slaves to the whim of an unthinking machine,
Reactants in a process,
Reaching equilibrium,
Where nothing will remain,
Except space and heat.

In the face of oblivion,
We concoct subversive fantasies,
Like "life is what you make it",
Or to exist is an achievement.
And we grant ourselves the power,
To give meaning to our lives.

At some point you will grow weary,
Of these egomaniacal delusions,
And join the chorus of the hollow,
On a road to nothingness,
But you will take solace,
In that at least it was your choice,
And then realise it was dictated,
As choice does not exist.

Those neurons fire,
And thoughts manifest,
Because your brain is configured,
To produce them,
And your brain is configured,
Because of genetic precursors,
Built by the conditions,
That preceded them.

Choice is a lie,
Freedom is a lie,
Meaning is a lie,
Your life is a lie,
So you close your eyes,
And you close your mind,
A defence mechanism that keeps you alive.
Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (December 5, 2016)
The Loom of Time - NihilReich
NihilReich - Album Credits
  • Brad Delforce : Bass
  • Steven Reid : Drums
  • Matthew J. Ratcliffe : Guitars, Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics
Additional musicians
  • Jason Hendricks : Additional Vocals
Other staff
  • Mitta Norath : Engineer, Mixing Engineer
  • Josh Sullivan : Assistant Engineer
  • Chris Bauer : Mastering Engineer
  • Josh Gaffney : Layout
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