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Wombhead Lyrics

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Behind Bars

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBrutal Death Metal
Album rating :  87.5 / 100
Votes :  2
1. Wombhead (4:35)
Track rating :  95 / 100       Votes :  1       [ ]
Like clockwork, soon-to-be dad leaves home for his job of overpay
Binoculars in the bushes, daily I jack off watching his jewelery-ridden wife lay

8-months pregnant, never with a job
Bringing trash into the world, greedy ignorant money hog, to raise a spoiled slob
5 minutes after his departure
Baby making, home invading, I'm here to feed my fetus craving

Treasure hunting, two birds with 1 stone, sleeping soundly she's done

Ammonia rag pressed to her mouth, smell her neck north and south
Free hand rubbing her huge tummy, rub my boner on her leg
Scalpel, belly incised, rag resting on her face
Flesh peeled back, her womb exposed, never to wake

Incubator cut wide open
Face aimed up at me and I grin
Through placenta my dick dives in

Mouth stretched to fit my cock, through the soft spot

I mangle fetus into aborted pieces, I start to choke her corpse to cum
Wet fetal waste I fuck into bodily paste, in its skull I release white gum

Womb cut from her body, gonna make a goofy crown
Sex toy remnants will be wrapped in a cinder block, in a lake it will sink down

Let somebody find this block of waste
I'll be dead when they a**lyze my DNA

Fleeing the house with all my goods, in my path a puppy dog stood

Lured over with the treats that I pulled out of my pocket
Tail wagging while it eats, I picked it up by the scruff
Pancuronium bromide injected in the heart will paralyze
While it goes limp I gaze into its eyes

With the puppy to the fresh crime scene, this filler will fill her

Riches pulled from dresser drawers, yanked jewelery from her dead body
Force-fed and into its ass, dog filled with materialistic high class


Money hog stuffed with dog
She's filled up, stapled shut

Left for husband to find
Greedy bastard gets to keep his pride
when he finds his prize
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