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Toilet Water Island Lyrics

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Erotishock Therapy

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBrutal Death Metal
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9. Toilet Water Island (3:37)
Track rating :  80 / 100       Votes :  1       [ ]
vodka, beer, and white castle
all night binge killed my insides
but somehow found my way home
to find a dick stuffed all the way
down her throat

forgiven instantly
for the time being but
for morning
i have thought to her endless beating
wake up buzzed
white a horrid case of the runs
my pregnant ass
gives birth to toilet water island

pet her hair while she sleeps
grab a handful, violently drag her
awake, confused, and screaming
throw into walls, bruised and bleeding

in the bathroom, she's on her knees
donkeypunched into my feces

choked by the pissed on toilet rim
gasping for air
head slammed to the bottom
porcelin cracked
from her head when i miss the center
she begs, pleads
and screams from underwater
reach over for my toothbrush
to rid this disease

first few stabs did not break skin
harder i stab
until the toothbrush dives in

punctured skin, too many holes to count
dull weapons make shallow holes
this beating has to last
i dont want her to die too fast

pulled out of the shit
tossed on her back
like the garbage she is
shit stained bleeding face
barely conscious as i strip her naked
start to fuck her on the bathroom floor
reach in the bowl
smear her face more
purposely flood the toilet
so filth flows all over
in our fluids i fuck this whore
now i cum with her one last time

squeeze her tits, as hard as i can
stomp her knees
until they are flattened
pull her hair out, until theres none left
shove the toothbrush in her ears
so shes deaf
maul and tear, at her tits to scar
burn her chest
with scolding water
pound her face in
until her nose breaks
snap fingers so her hands
become useless
pop her eye, out of the socket
mutilate, till she realizes
i liked it, when she begged for death

i end it
with a bullet to her forehead
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