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Green Seed Lyrics

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Erotishock Therapy

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBrutal Death Metal
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5. Green Seed (2:50)
Track rating :  75 / 100       Votes :  1       [ ]
Respectable fucking of virgins

Pump with aids, countless women raped
Blankness in their eyes, men run their lives
Purity doesn't exist, infants constantly taken
See an opportunity, make money off their country
here to envourage the rape of toddler virgins

Force a boy to tonguedive and fuck his mother at my violent gunpoint
Kill the son on top of her naked body while he is cumming
Impregnated by her worthless spawn now dead, she is her kids grandma
Nabbed, gagged, and stabbed, wait nine months for your money making green seed

Respect - Devirginization is a rarity in its own way
Pride - Lifes goal in this culture is to be the first one
Force - Mans strength over women gets them what they want
Actions - Spiritual concepts carried out by any means necissary

Daughter born, mother burned, its time to do my business
Fuck the child first and make money being dishonest

Tend to the rich religious men
Take someones check, any amount
To take this 2 month old to a room and pound
Satisfying need to spread his seed in any virgin snatch
Tricked and ripped, lie induced pride
Fucked daily in a hot dark room
This child will not grow up fucked
She will be fucked from growing up

Videotape the rape, more money for the take
Newborn porn to promote your ongoing business

Baby nears one year, making it tougher to lie
Its a given that ones this age have been raped countless times
Skepticle sick minds, their attantion is on me
All these guys that came to me now have some HIV

Toddlers ass is stretched to fist
I fuck her one last time

Silent rape now goes unheard on my money maker
A sweat bead from my head as I dickthrust this baby harder
Fucked to a pulp I start to beat her in the throat
A one year life of fucking, this life was forced to whore
Beaten and buried I now comfortably retire
Richest man in this infested land is my earned title
Live my life in luxory
Off the expense of the ones in poverty
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