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Back Acne Buffet\ Lyrics

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Erotishock Therapy

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBrutal Death Metal
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2. Back Acne Buffet\ (4:00)
Track rating :  80 / 100       Votes :  1       [ ]
Your greasy back
Makes my mouth water with delight
You're mine

Trading shots she's down
Not to be conscious
Naked face down in puke I begin to claw

Fingernails cause unconscious agony
Feed my zit greed

Gather her oatmeal looking puke
add her puss, blood, and skin in a bowl
Blend until it turns to a wet paste
Force your hand in her ass and extract stool
Dirty mangled bitch wakes up in shock

Break this fifth of five aclock on her head
Face now being grinded in glass
Help her sit up and await what is next

Ask her if she's ok - Wind up

Punch that bitch in her carved up face
Grab her hair and tear it out with scalp
Add it to the bowl with shit
Grab a spoon and start to dig in

Violently force fed
her bodies liquids
until she blacks out
Spoon is forced through her throat

Why did I lose my temper
and kill so quickly

I stand up over this dead body that's laying sexy
Body bloodied and excrements on her make her body look filthy
Pants come down and visions I brough to life excite me
Use some of the broken glass to shove it in her pussy

I start eating from the bowl of her bad complexion
Spoonfuls at a time go down and make me more frantic
Force it down my own throat until there is no more left
Hair catches the roof of my mouth and brings it up all over myself

Beating off with my vomit and positioned for the fucking
Anticipating the glass in her pussy just makes me more ready
Reverse pull-out on the dead I've made, I have to now unleash
In her pussy making my dick mangled and bloody
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