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The Lost Saga Lyrics

Stratovarius - Eternal


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
Album rating :  89.3 / 100
Votes :  50
10. The Lost Saga (11:39)
Track rating :  90.6 / 100       Votes :  11       [ ]
I sail away from my homeland
My mission's to raid and plunder
I fight, I will rage, I will sunder
I hail the Thunder God

I look at the sky
Watch the waves turning into foam
I send my prayers against the wind
And I hope they'll reach my home

I spent weeks on the ocean
My heart filled with devotion
At last in the mist there's a shoreline
A sight that is so divine

As I set my feet on foreign soil
I feel so anxious my blood begins to boil
I leave my ship and walk across the shore
The journey goes on, I search and I explore

Now I prepare for war

As the day goes by
I must fight or die
When the crows fly low
It's my time to go

I won't fall today

I see the arrows are flying
I will be the last man standing
I hear desperate cries of the dying
Lives lost for the land, the king

See the enemy flee
Still I'm holding my bloodstained sword
My brother's laying by my side
They have lived, they have died for victory

A whisper's heard in the air
"Don't hang your head in despair"

I make offers to keep gods satisfied
I honour the friends who fought for them and died
We'll meet on the other side for one more time

As the day went by
I was standing still
All the crows flew high
Above the blood I'd spilled
I felt my guilt

I will raise my horn
And I'll drink the ale
For the dead I mourn
For the gods I hail
It's been a long day

It's time to go home
I hope someone's waiting for me there
I'll bring home fortune and fame and pain

Now I'm on my way
Through stormy waters I will sail
And I hope they'll know my name
They'll know my face

Long have been these years away
I know they've brought you into tears
And I pray I'm there one day
I'm back to stay

I won't have to fight
I feel my heart beat
I can sleep at night
My life is complete

And I know I'm home again

I will raise my horn
And I'll drink the ale
For the dead I mourn
For the gods I hail
So I have done

I will raise my horn
And I'll drink the ale
For the dead I mourn
For the gods I hail
So I have done

I did raise my horn
And I drank the ale
For the dead I mourned
For the gods I hailed

And my day went by
Time to say goodbye
Now the crows fly low
It's my time to go
My name lives on
I am going home
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Submitted by level 8 Rhea II
Stratovarius - Eternal
Eternal - Album Credits
Other staff
  • Matias Kupiainen : Producer, Engineer
  • Jani Liimatainen : Engineer (vocals)
  • Franscisco "Pancho" Cresp : Engineer
  • Mika Jussila : Mastering Engineer
  • Sander Nebeling : Design
  • Gyula Havancsák : Cover Art
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