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Overture / Rex Tremendae / I Saw the World's End Lyrics

Sigh - Hangman's Hymn

Hangman's Hymn

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
LabelsThe End Records
Album rating :  84.3 / 100
Votes :  11
8. Overture / Rex Tremendae / I Saw the World's End (6:06)
Yes, I saw the world's end burned by them who want us to repent
Fear in my pain will rise again, insane
The end in flame is what we need!
Then I saw my brides smile
Blinded by lies their sanity dies
The feeble to deride
Deny the evil in disguise
I saw myself buried deep in the nameless grave,
But who will weep?
I saw all the stars fall then all the hopes they will reap
I saw the innocent in anger,
They were so sinless, hung so high
Then I saw the angelsin black
They were so sinful with a dirty smile
Live for lies!
Fight for lies!
Die for lies!
Change the fate, before its to lato late
We'll see the worlds end (You will!)
I open my eyes to see through their lies,
But you know it's the world's demise!
I saw all the flowers wither and all the winners die in pain,
Crippled by those men insane
I saw the gold turn to dust,
All my lust lost in flame,
But hailed by our violent shame!
I saw the skies turn blood red as the forgotten prophet once said
I saw the funeral for all those precious things that had been slowly cursed
Then I saw the world in flame,
No way to save it when I saw it
We all must burn!
We want the end!
Born in shame then purified in flame
Buried in a grave with no name,
Be lost in the void!
Salvation in flame, deception in shame
All the things I touched must burn
Deviation to be tamed
All the thing I touched must be cursed
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Sigh - Hangman's Hymn
Hangman's Hymn - Lyrics
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Sigh - Hangman's Hymn
Hangman's Hymn - Album Credits
  • Mirai Kawashima: Vocals, Orchestrations, Piano
  • Shinichi Ishikawa: Guitars
  • Satoshi Fujinami: Bass
  • Junichi Harashima: Drums
  • Guest musicians:
  • Rob Urbinati (Sacrifice) - Guitar solo on track 4
  • Gunface (The Red Chord) - Guitar solo on track 7
  • Chuck Keller (Ares Kingdom) - Guitar solo track 5
  • Aurielle Gregory (Giant Squid) - Female vocals on track 4
  • Tim Conroy (Giant Squid) - Trumpet on tracks 1, 4, and 10
  • Steven Sagala (Enforsaken) - Choral vocals
  • Void (Samas) - Choral vocals
  • Zack Bissell (Radius) - Choral vocals
  • Glendalis Gonzales - Choral vocals
  • Claire Joseph - Choral vocals
  • Grant Taylor - Choral Vocals
  • Full album title is: "Hangman's Hymn - Musikalische Exequien"
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