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Menstrual Money Shot Lyrics

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Genitales From the P0rno Party

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBrutal Death Metal
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7. Menstrual Money Shot
Menstrual Money Shot Lyrics
I'm a vampire for pussy. If they're not bleeding, sure as shit ain't eating. I drink gallons of whiskey watching my liver make alcohol history. It's been a month since my last encounter with my crack head ovulating whore master. I keep her cycle on calendar she never skips a month 'cause I always got crack for her and now she's missing in action no pussy blood satisfaction. Drown my libido in whiskey a percocet chaser should hinder my misery and if that bitch shows up pregnant, transform her fetus to dead kin. I prefer the blood that comes from pussy. Rainbow kiss vagina at the Cunnllingus Diner. Nauseous from the hunger as I slip away from sanity. Dreaming of menstrual menlcotti served at the period party. I am the Rag God should've been born a tampon, wide set vagina, slip my tounge inside her. I am the Rag Gog, vampire for pussy, If they're not bleeding sure as shit ain't eating. I hear a bludgeoning knock at my door it's my bitch I think she's fucked up and she's looking to whore. I smell her bleeding snatch from the kitchen 'cause eating pussy is my fucking religion. Undo the button undo the zipper, prepare for the Rainbow Kisser she's ovulating there's no debating. Pull your pants down here's your crack rock, no need to screw just let me eat you.
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Genitales From the P0rno Party - Lyrics
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