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Fermenting Vaginal Excrements Lyrics

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Tales of Necrophilia

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBrutal Death Metal
LabelsAblated Records
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5. Fermenting Vaginal Excrements (2:57)
Fermenting vaginal excrements
Unknowing of the abnormality
That lied deep within her vaginal cavity
Fondling and abrading the dampening hole
As I explored her rank sexuality
Caressing the lips spreading them wide
Open the orifice of nauseation
Grazing with my eager tongue
I begin the consummation

Licking her lips lapping the slop
Tonguing her crotch and tasting the juice
Squirming in orgasmic ecstasy
Cum spews out I sample the goo
Swallowing the fluid I continue to lick
Her ultimate please I have conceived
Feeling the larva inside my mouth
I raise my head in disbelief

Cum covered wounds bleed

There wounds forever bleed
Maggots crawl from her cunt spilling out
Dying before my eyes
Covered with bleeding wounds blood erupts
Spewing onto the floor
Blood curdling death wretched gore sick demise

Body decays dying internally
Bloodsoaked remains rotting externally
Encrusted wounds fester immensely
Larva consumes your virginity
Maggots galore infesting your womb
Boiling pus seeps from your open wounds
Rotting alive gorily succulent
Fermenting vaginal excrements

(lead Tony)

Fuming from her sick demise I release my lust
Insert the member
I penetrate the maggot filled orifice
As you now die
I fuck her corpse
As maggots crawl upon my cock
Worms spewing out
Pulverize your rotting crotch
With each dead thrust
Bleed from inside essence has died
My hunger is fed fucking the dead.
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