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Deuteromitosis Lyrics

Plasmodium - Entheognosis


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPsychedelic Black Metal, Death Metal
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4. Deuteromitosis (14:36)
Deuteromitosis Lyrics
Half mad pilgrims descend on the dissenter,
tear at his flesh with crudely fashioned metal claws.

Throw the body to the wind in vulgar delirium,
hold the phallus to the blaze of the sun
Whole life essence dribbles from the head,
magnifies light into twisting spirals,
blinding the raging crowd.

Swirling in the sand, from the desert floor,
emerges vast, polished stone, emanating blacklight.

Rising into hideous structure adorning infinite eyes,
the mirrored gaze inducing a control frequency.

The blind, mad crowd undulates towards the sound,
churning in slow, deliberate reptile movement.

Sound of an unearthly kangling dissolving bone.

Maddening tones mix into the metaphase,
purple tumescent tumour's erupt.

Sharp phenolic smell of carbonized electrodes and lactic acid.
Swelling into replication, into deuteromitosis.

Erectile, conjugate nervous systems start to stem,
spitting mucous tissue that clings to form new forms.

Obscene blisters flower and vomit forth marrow,
weak skeletal shapes slither and draw translucent flesh,
winding into a triple helix that ascends to the stars.

Blotting out the sky in permanent mutation.

Dead mirrors, bones shaken from the skin.

Hypostatic union with the light,
in all forbidden dimensions.

Spiralling satyriasis.
Undulating lubricous.

Primitive olfactory revelation, scent of corpulent genitals.


We project through our bodies the pulsing ichor,
frenzied to orgasm, white crystalline glass shattering.

I hear the vocalisation, the first sound echoing down the spiral ladder.

The formless frequency projected into infinity.
Pulled apart dimension by dimension,
reassembled in unknown configuration.

Ancient genital transformation as formless bodies mock in crude,
unknown sexual hieroglyphics.

Whispers in the Scriptures, caustic gnosis in the form of Muscaria.

The heaving vagus interfaces the receptors,
I smell the angles leaking from the suture.
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-27)
Plasmodium - Entheognosis
Entheognosis - Lyrics
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