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I See It Now... Lyrics

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TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Metal, Post-Black Metal
LabelsFairytale Records
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5. I See It Now... (7:33)
Sunlight on my eye lids
Morning makes shadows flee from my mind
Drawn from the kingdom of dreams I awake

This shadow disturbs me
The spear of destiny
Is today my time to go?
Is every moment locked in time?
Or can it be altered?

The word grows distant, looking out through out the holes in my head
Feeble like an infant, gasping for air as the moments shred
I peer at the world like a horror movies
As I become too conscious of my being
Hear my heart beat count my every breath
What if I stop.
Could it be that my life was meant to be short
How can I be sure
Why do I feel so small?
My scale is shrinking

But face reality, time feels no pity
There's no room for those who break...

Deprived of compassion
The life has left my eyes.
And though closing in on the summer of life
My heart is colder than ice
I searched my mind this morning
Found a border of black on the inside
I probed my thoughts this morning
Essence was caught in a web of swallowed pride

Now where was I - a sudden feeling of dejavu
Aroused my fear of awakening from some unknown gods sleep
To find that lives are relived and relived again
Meaninglessly repeated...
Am I really me here and now
Is the end of this moment foretold
Is sun in the sky the mouth of god
Breating life from the cold
How can I be sure on the holes in my head

You can't take this
You know you can't take this
It must be end now
You know it must be end now
There're too much thoughts
There's too much pressure
And you can't take it
Why don't you kill yourself
Why don't you put that gun to your head
And fire unto your head
And fire and fire
Fire (NO)

I want to feel the sunlight warm
The grass below my naked feet
Hear the sound of traffic rise
Being carried on the summerbreeze
I want to live and grow here in Sweden.

Choise is the fluctuant constant to alter time and space
The cosmos is not predictable
It diverges and bends all the myriad ways

I made up my mide this morning
And pushed away my thoughts of the darkside
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