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Severed Appendages Lyrics

Oceano - Incisions


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
Album rating :  70 / 100
Votes :  1
10. Severed Appendages (3:57)
Severed Appendages Lyrics
You don't know where you are,
Taken to some place sacred,
Bound by the neck, near strangulation,
A dark undisclosed location.
Before you lie instruments of destruction,
A repertoire of punishment.
Smothered in entrails of past infliction
Each tool accustomed to mutilating flesh.
Deep breaths with lungs punctured
Leave you in a panic for air.
Jaw dislocated, it's painful to speak.
Your body frail and weakening.
Barely standing,
A result of repeated battery at my hands!
I am the artist of this morbid masterpiece.
These tools of beautry and you as my canvas,
You are my canvas!
The masochistic acts soon executed, however cruel,
Are intricate, the blood splatter that of artistry.
Prepair yourself.
Embrace only agony.
Take one look at me
Anticipate your suffering!
Keep your eyes on me.
First the frame is deconstructed,
Blunt force snaps through bone,
Each limb dislocated
And left dangling limp,
You've collapsed upon your own leges.
The suffering has not reached its peak,
It only intensifies as I commence severing appendages.
The suffering has not reached its peak!
Removing every limb,
Slowly succumb to death.
My face sprayed in crimson mist
From exposed arteries.
Before you fade away
Witness the walls change from white to red.
The final liters of life
Pulse through your veins.
You've been abandoned,
Left to bleed out.
Now die alone!
Submitted by level 17 GloomingOldGuy (2015-02-11)
Oceano - Incisions
Incisions - Album Credits
  • Adam Warren : Vocals
  • Devin Shidaker : Guitars
  • Nick Conser : Guitars
  • Jason Jones : Bass
  • Daniel Terchin : Drums
  • Guest/Session
  • Tim Goergen : Vocals (track 10)
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