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Prayer Lyrics

Necrosis - Enslaved to the Machine

Enslaved to the Machine

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
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10. Prayer (7:22)
Prayer Lyrics
all you see is pain
fear the upcoming slaughter from the sky
mystic desease, controlling useless lives

fear and pain is all you see
the spell of darkness chases you
the only escape it's in your fate
hiding over dead bodies

year by year
hope for the answer to the mysteries
innocent belief
craddled in stupid lies

passive reaction before the storm
and time has not passed by in vain
one more life is falling under spell
go to pray , feed the cattle

now i feel a burning desire
reanimate all who died in vain
corpse from beyond , corpse without head
where there's no time from all around
and they will step on their accuser's toes
crimes without rule of a judge no a jury

pray for emptiness
where all minds fall
recognize all the mysteries
recognize all the lies
pray forever
there's no escape
where the time has not passed by
pray, pray, all your life

in the night
angels fall
appear in flames
show me the truth
fools around you
telling lies
about he walking
on the water again
the only way
to reach heaven
is fight the earth
not your prayers
millions of prayers
cannot save you
from all your sins
that you recognized
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Necrosis - Enslaved to the Machine
Enslaved to the Machine - Lyrics
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Necrosis - Enslaved to the Machine
Enslaved to the Machine - Album Credits
  • Gustavo Robles : Vocals
  • Sergio Aravena : Guitars
  • José Miguel Nacrur : Guitars
  • Rodrigo Onetto : Bass
  • Andrés Nacrur : Drums
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