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Throne Of The Night Lyrics

Mystic Circle - Morgenrote


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Black Metal
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5. Throne Of The Night (5:28)
Throne Of The Night Lyrics
Hear the creatures of the moon
They deny the holy cross
Only in the night they live
In the sunlight they are dust
Howling to the sky above
In the form of wolves
Under the stars they walk
To their next dinner

See the children of the night
The bloodrinking society
The oldest castles are their homes
And they live in coffinf
But one man in their leader
Many hundred years he's old
Once his love had killed herself
And he denied god

Throne of the night - leader of darkness
Only with one bite he drinks the blood
Throne of the night - undead awakes
Lokk in it's eyes - and be dead

"I was bleeding and you licked my blood
I hear your breathing when I bite you neck
The vampire walked through the room to the window
A dead body lay on the body with no blood
He had found his victim for this night
And in the shadows of darkness he walked away"
See the coldness in their eyes
Lost souls in lost bodies
Damned to walk in the darkness
Damned to live forever
Black their dresses white their skin

They bite into your veins
And they drink the blood red juice
To live on and on

Loneliness is on their side
Ever on the search for love
An eternal fight they have
And they want to die
Armies of the undead awakes
From the Transilvanian castle
Dracula is their leader
To destroy the world

Throne of the night
Belongs to him
Leader of wolves
And of darkness
Throne of the night
Adorer of flesh
Bloodsucking corpse
Bring you the dead

"Take my flesh
and take my soul
I'll be your slave
From life to death"

Eternal love I gave to him
Ever by his side
Be my master from the grave
My demon tonight
Submitted by level 14 Sathanas (2011-06-03)
Mystic Circle - Morgenrote
Morgenrote - Album Credits
  • Graf von Beelzebub : Vocals & Bass
  • Mephisto : Lead Guitars & Keyboards
  • Agamidion : Rhythm Guitars
  • Aaarrrgon : Drums
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