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Thorn Of Lies Lyrics

Mystic Circle - Infernal Satanic Verses

Infernal Satanic Verses

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Black Metal
Album rating :  83 / 100
Votes :  5
5. Thorn Of Lies (6:42)
Thorn Of Lies Lyrics
"God tonight your holy temple will be destroyed"

Died on the cross for all human sins
Called himself a hero arrogant nazarene

Controlled by the darkness lost by the power of god
A puppet in Satans hand lead us in false promised land

Blinded mankind by wonders cheap tricks were his game
Sucked out the innocent victims used poor peoples pain

The holy ghost burnd in hell holy father too
Under the regime of Satan devote slaves for you

Fuck the christians stupid spirits
Thorns of lies in the blooded head
Drive the nails deeper in the flesh
Turn the gross into a crooked

"As he hung there on the cross
an erge to lick the cock of christ
to drink the sperm for Satan
whore Maria si my name"

The mother of all innocence
A ridicolous bitch she was
Blinded by the holy god
Fucked in the name of Satan

As I bore the Satans child
No god has saved ist soul
His christian preach all was a lie
To iritade humanity

In the second of the dead
Jesus spit on god
Swor to fight the heaven
With sadistic war

"Oh my father whitch you live in hell
hallowed be thy name
come to take my soul tonight
spread your massive kingdom"

Deamons awake in the heart of Jesus soul
Lust in his eyes as he saw Maria
With obsessed eyes he tried to catch her body
And then a roman pailed him in his heart

In the hall of the dead ones
Satan craped his soul
And then fallen angel
Take his body down
Submitted by level 14 Sathanas (2011-06-03)
Mystic Circle - Infernal Satanic Verses
Infernal Satanic Verses - Album Credits
  • Graf von Beelzebub : Vocals & Bass
  • Isternos : Guitars
  • Ezpharess : Guitars
  • Aaarrrgon : Drums
  • Baalsulgorr : Keyboards
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