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Incomprehensible Act Lyrics

Miserium - Ascension


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal
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6. Incomprehensible Act (10:17)
Incomprehensible Act Lyrics
The king’s decision has made it clear to me - /Aiax/
No matter what feats I’ve accomplished
I might never get the proper respect
A post resembling what Ulysses established

The culprit must be confronted
and be held accountable,
but it's you, Aiax, oh poor Aiax - /Athena/

This golden cage is full of vain hope - /Aiax/
The time comes to rip him out of his diamond throne
His allies were once my friends
but by my hand they'll leave these barren lands

Side by side we fought for the king of errors
But I've never seen him on the battlefield, never!

Poor animals have no idea - /narr/
what's waiting for them during the night
A secret spell from Athena's hand
fully rewrote the storyline

The smell of carnage and madness
possessed you, son of Telamon
With slow steps you are
spiraling into the great unknown

Step forward, sons of bastards - /Aiax/
Let me see your faces
Don't hide yourselves
You damned cowards!

Show yourselves! Show yourselves! - /Aiax/

Son of Telamon! There's no need for this. - /Athena/
The bloodshed that you're goin' to do
will be the end of your journey, my great hero.

Show yourselves! Show yourselves! - /Aiax/

I see there's no other way. I enchanted you during the day. - /Athena/
Your old friends aren't your foes.
But one by one they will fall after the judgement day.

Split them, crush them - /Aiax/
Cut out their hearts
Slowly rotate
my singing knife

Destroy, erase
avoid, repeat
Carve them slowly
so sweet to watch them falling

Your incomprehensible actions - /narr/
will lead to the worst, you'll be ashamed
Gods' providence decomposes
vanishing without a trace

The smell of carnage and madness
possessed you, son of Telamon
With slow steps you are
spiraling into the great unknown

Watch them, Aiax, you mighty hero! - /people/
Obloquy, shame on you, what did you do?!
Poor animals' flesh everywhere on the ground
The blood, the sweat, the anger and the craziness overwhelmed you

Obscure details, shining blood - /Aiax/
Rotten bodies of animals from the hutch
Obscure details, shining blood
Shame on me, Aiax
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Miserium - Ascension
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