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Recipe for Hate...Warhorse Lyrics

Megadeth - The World Needs a Hero

The World Needs a Hero

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsSanctuary Records
Album rating :  71.4 / 100
Votes :  45
7. Recipe for Hate...Warhorse (5:19)
Track rating :  76.7 / 100       Votes :  3       [ ]
Recipe For Hate

Each day my shortcomings pick my pockets
My faults were letters carved in stone
As meaningful to you as words written in water
I'm left to walk this world alone

In a broken mold they made me
The black sheep of the family
Worth less than zero my opinion
And room temperature IQ

I did something, now I'm nothing
Always wrong with this or that
Poisoned with fear watch it twist
My measly brain mad

Talk about me when my bac is turned
Next time we meet it will be to late
The memory burned in my ears of what you said
And now I've got a recipe for hate. Taste it

Dark clouds on the horizon
Make it hard to breathe
A walking mistake but every time
I run away, I just come back for more

The choice is clear I can quit
And fall on my sword or light a fire
To see who runs or stays
And plays the confidence game

I'm feeling quite invisible
I feel just like thin air
The truth taunts me

I see the earth below me
I watch it spinning there
Does someone, somewhere
Out there hear me?

Sentenced to walk in Purgatory
My life is running down
I can't believe what they've done to me

I'm left riding a Warhorse
A man without a country
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Megadeth - The World Needs a Hero
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