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Brother's Keeper Lyrics

Magellan - Hundred Year Flood

Hundred Year Flood

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal
Album rating :  72 / 100
Votes :  1
3. Brother's Keeper
Brother's Keeper Lyrics
I've seen enough

Of this thing at work called cynicism
And I'm tired of hearing twisted thoughts
With bent expressions
I see no reason to be brother's keeper
'cause at this point
All I need is something more

In fact, this could be hard for me
It could take everything my spirit,
Mind and body can endure
The cynic in me tried to cheat
A pathetic excuse that deceived me
Can't let it lead me
Just a lie -
The biggest ever.

I saw that man
On the street with empty eyes
Not a soul stopped
And said a word to him
My thoughts: 'Don't get involved,
Its not safe, I'm late for work, he'll just ask for money'

Brother's Keeper
Brother's Keeper

How much proof do I need?
How much evidence will it take
To shake me down to the core?
But when its my life at stake?
See, that's different now-
Its priority -now I care.

Brother's Keeper

Just act now brother's keeper
Don't complain - mama's sleeper
Be a father - not a weeper
Get off my soap box
Don't want to be a creeper
Brother's keeper.

Just look around me brother's keeper
Standing still 'til we meet the reaper?
No chance of boredom mama's sleeper
Way too much work to do brother's keeper

The brutal cold from Yugoslavia
Cools the mist of death in Macedonia
While the hunger pains in Africa
I just plant my flag in 'absentia'

[Repeat chorus]

I need something to do
Something real
It might pay me back a hundred times
And it might not
My cynic inside screams
I know pay back's a bitch
My thought respond with just a whisper
'Can't listen to my cynic - least of all my cynic'.

I need something to do
Something real
It might pay me back a hundred times
And it might not
I sure as hell am my brother's keeper
Might as well be my brother's keeper
At least I figured out that much
'can't listen to my cynic - least of all my cynic'.
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Magellan - Hundred Year Flood
Hundred Year Flood - Lyrics
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