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Black Night Lyrics

Lethal - Bienvenidos a mi reino

Bienvenidos a mi reino

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSpeed Metal, Thrash Metal
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4. Black Night (6:19)
Black Night Lyrics
Last night, while I lay in bed
strange forces took ever my head
No, no... don´t think I´m crazy
I just took a one way trip...

Another boring night
I look up to the sky
on the street there´s horror everywhere

Every thing I see con´t be reality
need some kind of way to runaway
New I feel alright It´s day or night?
I've seeped to my own world again

On that crazy night I could see the sky
changes colors in my eyes

This can´t be reality
I ain't never felt so good no everything

is different now
strange images come
am I awake I´m dreaming?
I´m falling away into a nightmare!!!
I scream and shout but no one hears what I´m
can´t find a way out don´t wanna stay now!

hello!!! This is a night mare
his is your fantasy, you are gonna die

Right now!! You've gone to far
well take your mind before it´s over
This is a lethal dream, no one
cant help
you are in our grasp

Welcome to mental hell, What did
you came?
You are gonna stay, this is a night mare
you´re gonna die!!
Good bye!! This was your nightmare
we´ll meet again

we´ll set you free now, but we´ll wait
far your return
it´s almost day light our spell
will break
you need a new way to face today
we´ll see you soon

Another boring night
I look up to the sky
I´ve escaped to my own world again...
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-22)
Lethal - Bienvenidos a mi reino
Bienvenidos a mi reino - Album Credits
  • Tito García : Vocals
  • Pablo Alvarez : Bass
  • Charly Guillen : Guitars
  • Luis Sánchez : Drums
  • Oscar Castro : Guitars
Additional musicians
  • Javier Cuevas : Backing Vocals
  • Javier Laya : Backing Vocals
  • Roberto Cosseddu : Backing Vocals
Other staff
  • Alvaro Villagra : Engineer, Producer
  • Mundy Epifanio : Executive producer
  • Javier Laya : Assistant Recording Engineer
  • Mane Tortolini : Design, Drawings
  • Horacio Gatto : Drawings
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