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Sentimental Lyrics

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Hurry Up and Wait

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHard Rock
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8. Sentimental
Sentimental Lyrics
I hear the gunshots every night
World of chaos and flashing red light
Hard looks in young eyes
The next to nothing that your
Washington buys

They're rocking the house,
grinding in time
Where the leather meets the laser shine
The modem age, I hear the call
Come tomorrow they'll
be shopping at the mall
Sometimes I sit at home and remember
The way that it was

I get so sentimental, oh
i get so sentimental. yeah I do
I'm so sentimental

There ain't no turning back,
ain't no turning back time
Try to steal a minute and
you're dragging way behind
You talk about the past but
you're living in today
You'll just be a relic,
Just bones from yesterday
Rappers and rockers, the men of the hour
But when I hear "The King'

I get so sentimental
(every time I think of it)
I get so sentimental
(I'm a sentimental fool)

They tore down the walls in the
Communist bloc
Soweto to Rio, they're
turning back the clock
In a free world, you're free to fight
Don't take it easy, just make it right
Soma sayin' it's the end of an era
But I won't shed a tear

I get so sentimental
(every time I think of it)
I get so sentimental (oh yeah)
I get so sentimental
(just a sentimental fool) I
get so sentimental
Submitted by level 12 DaveÅkerfeldt (2011-05-28)
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Hurry Up and Wait - Album Credits
  • Joe Lynn Turner : Vocals
  • Al Pitrelli : Guitar
  • Paul Morris : Guitar, Keyboards
  • Greg Smith : Bass
  • Kenny Kramme : Drums
  • Chris Caffery : Guitar
  • Tony Bruno : Guitar
  • Tom Teeley : Keyboards
  • Bob Held : Guitar
  • Jock Guthrie : Guitar
  • Al Greenwood : Keyboards
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