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Save You Lyrics

Heimdall - Aeneid


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
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3. Save You (4:20)
Save You Lyrics
After Dido’s request, Aeneas told about the deceive of the Trojan horse
and the fall of Troy. He started with the story of the “captured” Greek
Sinon who deluded the Trojans telling that the hose had been constructed
to appease Minerva after their attack on her temple. The only one who
opposed the horse was the priest Laocoön: he spared it but nobody
believed his words. He was attacked and killed, along with his sons, by
two serpents. The Trojans broke down their walls to get the horse inside.
In the night, the Greeks sailed back to the shore and Sinon released the
men from the horse, giving start to the tragedy of the fire of Troy. The
palace was attacked and Priam killed by Pyrrhus, Achilles’ son. In the
meanwhile, in dream, Hector appeared to Arneas and told him to flee the
ensuring destruction and to find a new town, a new place where the glory
of Troy would shine once again. A divine portent appeared over the head
of Ascanius. At first Anchises refused to flee with him and so his words
echoed through the ruins of his own home… Troy:

***Save You***

Son, watch around – this is my home
Now burns in flames and I with her sink
I hear thy voice, fate; I obey thy call
As for my grave, let heaven take care…

Save you beyond the dark of this night
Save you beyond this line
Save you beyond the clouds to the light
Save you now it’s my time

My way is written, the same of these ruins
Here, my last elegy – her last sad song
I hear thy voice, fate: I obey thy call
As for my grave, let heaven take care…


…but that was not his fate… finally, persuaded by the divine force,
Anchises joined his son who carried him on his shoulders. Watched
over by heaven, Aeneas had succeeded in fleeing along with his aged
father, his little son and the Penates, his household gods. Suddenly
Aeneas realized he had left his wife, Creusa, and went back… before
his eyes the desolate scene of Troy… now an immense stake… the
ancient holy temples transformed into a pile of ruins, the majestic and
bright palaces now… blacked skeletons. Searching for her, running,
screaming her name, suddenly he remained sill… not a move, not a
word… a sense of terror ran through is shoulders… in front of him, he
saw the shadow of his beloved wife. She – dead in the ruins – had come
back to him and pophesied his great future…
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Heimdall - Aeneid
Aeneid - Album Credits
  • Nicolas Calluori : Drums
  • Fabio Calluori : Guitars, Vocals (backing)
  • Carmelo Claps : Guitars
  • Umberto Parisi : Guitars, Vocals (backing)
  • Gandolfo Ferro : Vocals
  • Daniele Pastore : Bass
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