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The Scarlet Lake Lyrics

Eternal Storm - Come the Tide

Come the Tide

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
LabelsTranscending Obscurity Records
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7. The Scarlet Lake (7:55)
Cold night, December 29th
The woods whisper between the mist
In this cold night, this starless night
Frozen winds carry a gloomy wail

Crimson tears have been shed
A crime of love, a shameful murder
In this silent night, a victim will lay forever

Reeds ask the whispering trees
"Why this threnody?
Whence comes the piercing cry?"
Then the forest screams
"Fear the answer
For eternal mourning we will keep"

(The Crow)
"I did it for us
I did it for her
It's not a crime
It's a marriage for life
I did it for us
I did it for her
Now both we'll lay
Together we will rest

I stabbed her eyes to end her cry
I tore her heart to end her pain

Why did you lie to me
When you said you won't be mine?

Our feathers, black as a moonless night
My peak red as yours covered in your blood
Your empty heart abandoning life
As mine was dead since we met

Words spoken with bloody tongue
A cry for love drenched with hate
A soul destroyed by lifeless housing
And now two hearts bleed together

Since that outrageous night
Of the cold December 29th
By the shores of the scarlet lake
From the red waters we hear a cry:

(The Black Swan)
"You stabbed my eyes
You tore my heart
The vacuum where I now rest
Is where you lived as if you were dead

You say you did it for me
A crime of love
To embrace your own death
You say you did it for us
You say you did it for me
For now I shall rest
Where you lived as if you were dead"
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Eternal Storm - Come the Tide
Come the Tide - Album Credits
  • Kheryon : Vocals, Bass
  • Daniel Maganto : Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
  • Jaime Torres : Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
  • Mateo Novati : Drums, Vocals
Additional musicians
  • Javier Fernández : Keyboards, Synthesizers, Programming
  • Manuel Mendoza : Saxophone
  • Christopher Baque-Wildman : Vocals
  • Ben Read : Vocals
  • Fredrik Huldtgren : Vocals
  • Fiar : Vocals
  • Migueloud Ontivero : Vocals
Other staff
  • Carlos Santos : Producer, Engineer, Mixing
  • Daniel Maganto : Producer
  • Jaime Torres : Producer
  • Tony Lindgren : Mastering Engineer
  • Irene Génova : Assistant Engineer
  • Leoncio Harmr : Artwork, Layout
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