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Same Difference Lyrics

Entombed - Same Difference

Same Difference

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath 'n' Roll
LabelsMusic for Nations
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5. Same Difference (4:01)
the more I know
the less I doubt
that you know less
the more you are finding out
there's no denying
and if anything I'm telling you to do
makes you feel as if you're coming thru
at least I'm trying
yeah, you better know my name
I've come this far
to play the game
I look out for the one
I have a green and washed-out smile
you honor me
but I'm a liar
cannot explain
I cannot violate the face
became a part of me
but I don't buy it
yeah, you better know my name
I've come this far
to play the game
first things first
and then I ride
turn my head
side to side
...same difference
gonna be a riot here, yeah
same difference everywhere
gonna be a riot here, yeah
same difference everywhere
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Entombed - Same Difference
Same Difference - Lyrics
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Entombed - Same Difference
Same Difference - Album Credits
  • Lars-Goran Petrov : Vocals
  • Alex Hellid : Guitars
  • Uffe Cederlund : Guitars
  • Jorgen Sandstrom : Bass
  • Peter Stjarnvind : Drums
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