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Tides Of Chaos Lyrics

Enslaved - Ruun


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Progressive Metal
LabelsCandlelight Records
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
5. Tides Of Chaos (5:16)
I've got this twisted core
I've got this noose around my neck
That (just) won't let go
I've got this dream
In Which I kill you all
And there is no going back
They've choked the good in me
Sent me off to wander alone
Hateful, starving enemy of (your) order
Hunt you down, make you understand
No compassion for the enslavers of will
Your spite for reason makes me strong
Your lack of direction showed me where to go
We've come to share this destiny
No borders, no landmarks
Out in the open
I hold the key to the door
In vivid dreams while awake
I saw a way through
The agony of choice

In a Universe where the storms rage Endlessly
Time will never come to reinstate me
Mine is none

There was a day when I knew silence
Then came the tides of chaos
Washed it all away
I have seen what you have become
Smiling with evil intent
Betrayal between the lines
I have stepped outside the circle
Better off without
Choking on sand and sorrow
Visions from the suffocated

In this Universe where the fire roars Endlessly
Peace will never come to reconstruct me
Mine is gone
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Enslaved - Ruun
Ruun - Lyrics
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Enslaved - Ruun
Ruun - Album Credits
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