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Victim Of Circumstances Lyrics

Elegy - Manifestation of Fear

Manifestation of Fear

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal, Progressive Metal
LabelsT&T Records
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8. Victim Of Circumstances (5:30)
Victim Of Circumstances Lyrics
[Music, lyrics & vocal melody: Ian Parry]

Sadly his mother watches helplessly,
as her child demolishes the very fabric she believes in.
Catching an occasional glimpse, she remembers with great pain,
the anguish she felt, as the memories from her past re-appear.
Frustration turns to confused anger.
She still can't come to terms with the fact
that her husband took his own life.
"Why", she asks herself, "why didn't he tell me?
Why couldn't anybody lend him a helping hand?"
All the while her son is silently crying out for help.

Looking back in time,
Without consent.
two lovers ran away
A tragic tale, so often made
So sad and destined to fail

They're in and out of every place
Searchin' hard a sad disgrace
At best a darkened room, without a view
Those memories, still remain
Never once did she complain
Now time repeats itself, all over again

What he did, was insane
Sadly his own life he'd take
And you've been left to face the guilt, alone

Just try to remember
He was a victim of circumstance
Close your eyes, try to recall
The strength you felt
Now, is the time to be stronger
Than you've ever been before
Bury all your anguish and fear, you're not to blame

Don't a**lyze, come to terms
Face the truth, don't turn away
Where there's a will, there has to be a way
Into the world, your child came
Responsibility or shame
He backed away from you, don't lose him again

You're not alone! you've got to be stronger
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