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Death, Come Near Me Lyrics

Draconian - Arcane Rain Fell

Arcane Rain Fell

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresGothic Metal, Doom Metal
LabelsNapalm Records
Album rating :  92.9 / 100
Votes :  35
8. Death, Come Near Me (15:10)
Track rating :  99.4 / 100       Votes :  9       [ ]
By day I sleep, at night I weep!

O Death, come near me!
Be the one, for me, be the one, the one, who stays.
My rivers, are frozen, and mischosen,
and the shadows, around me, sickens my heart.

O Death, come near me,
and stay, by my side. Hear my silent, my silent cry!
In sadness, I'm veiled, to the cross, I am nailed,
and the pain, around me, freezes my world.

My cold world...

In life, I've failed, for years, I've wailed.
Frozen in time...
left behind...
The rapture, of grief, is all, to find...
The rapture, of grief, is all!

Behind the shadow of life, the lost hopes are grieving.
I seek the night, and hope to find love.
So I drown in the silence of life's short eternity.
The tears fills the void in my heart, astray...

Embrace me now, delightful ease!
Give me a world of wondrous peace!

Calm the desperate scream in my heart!

O Death, come near me,
save me...
from this empty, cold, world!
O Life, you have killed me,
so spare me, from, this cauldron, of misery!

In life, I cry, away, I fly.
Chosen, to fall, within, these walls.
The rapture, of grief, is all, to find...
The rapture, of grief, is all!

Oh, shed a tear for the loss, of innocence,
for the forsaken spirits who aches... in us.
Cry for the heart who surrenders to pain,
for the solitude of those, left, behind!

Behold the pain and sorrow of the world,
dream of a place away from this nightmare.
Give us love and unity, under the heart of night.
O Death, come near us, and give us life!
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Submitted by level 11 DJ-Arin
Draconian - Arcane Rain Fell
Arcane Rain Fell - Album Credits
  • Anders Jacobsson : Vocals
  • Lisa Johansson : Vocals
  • Johan Ericson : Guitars
  • Magnus Bergstrom : Guitars
  • Jesper Stolpe : Bass
  • Jerry Torstensson : Drums
  • Anders Karlsson : Synthezizer & Programming
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