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Oneironaut Lyrics

Crimson Moon - Oneironaut


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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6. Oneironaut (19:45)
Oneironaut Lyrics
Submerged in the depths of NAR-MATTARU |Where one may sleep death below the seas |drowning in a cosmic whirpool | bound by Gravity that pulls from the Ego | One must sacrifice to transcend | Metamorphic ascension | Through the current of the Serpent | That which becomes One within the Dream |The dreamer has awoken | Eyes of vigilance evoken
as a predator of a dream | descending from offerings upon Morpheus | Split the soul from the body | entwined is spirit from the flesh | All for the universe to absorb | The Oceanic experience, the fog of perception lifted | The sigil of Saturn | Metatron's Cube | Sands of time diminished | As time ceases to exist | The serpent of subconsious rises | To rejoin it's tail in the depths below the seas |a rising and descending cycle | As space is dissolved into light | The Sun, SHAMMASH, blinded by INANNA | The symbol of the shadow |Devourer of Daylight |The veil of the dreamer torn | A spell cast into the stars |As eyes in the shadows | as fangs of the serpent | ascending the astral planes as the Oneironaut | The Dragon speaks | The gates are open | The Dreamer reaps | The spoils of Sleeping prey | As shadows descend |and Ruptures the light | the skin of sleep sheds to a cycle of death | Sleep shall drown you | In the river of death |Baptism in the Styx | Ego unto the underworld | The veil is broken | From spirit to flesh |The Eye is open |of the Oneironaut | Serpent of Salt Waters | Predator of the Dream | Serpent of Awakening |lay death to the ego |Oh Serpent of Vision | Illumination | Sender of signs |quench me with wisdom | Awake within the Dream | As life becomes Death | Mountains of enlightenment |The Threshold of Death |The Horned Serpent rises | The Winged Serpent descends |The Oneironaut is Awoken |As Lucidity is evoken |Quintessence of Alchemy |From Spirit upon the Flesh
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Crimson Moon - Oneironaut
Oneironaut - Album Credits
  • Scorpios Androctonus : All Instruments
Additional musicians
  • Ralph Santolla : Lead Guitars (track 6)
  • Acherontas : Vocals (track 1)
  • Ixithra : Vocals (track 5)
  • Hierophant : Cretan Lyra (track 6)
Other staff
  • Inkantator Koura : Layout
  • Vorst : Artwork
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