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Suicide III: Certainty Is Illusion Lyrics

Blliigghhtted - Into the Cunt of the Witch

Into the Cunt of the Witch

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Experimental
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12. Suicide III: Certainty Is Illusion (6:56)
Suicide III: Certainty Is Illusion Lyrics
Very few truly ask the question of why being put inside an existence, which is a game with its own specific rules that only "it" can bend.
A game that they did not choose but constantly are forced to play and "master" in their own ways and as much they see the reflection of this question in their lives, they get depressed.
Activity-inactivity and a possible suffering on both spectrums drive people nuts over trying to find both inner and outer patterns and
ways to come to desirable ends.
Since this is the key to this prison, even if you're happy you never cease to be a prisoner; only a prisoner who enjoys prison. Some seem to value this very highly and even dedicate their lives to making the most out of this life that they did not choose. Those people that have "found their ways" in life’s prison lose a limb, get raped, end up in the hands of a torturing maid when they are old, get a morbid disease or anything that renders their system which enables them to "make the most out of" this precarious prison unusable. Everybody feels dwarfed by uncertainty, and uncertainty is forever, it is everywhere, death reigns supreme in life. I wish immense suffering to every living being. Rape upon all women, children’s death upon all families, breaking of certainty, torture upon all animals, plants, I have no enemy and life is blindingly beautiful.
My life was something that I could enjoy, but I was both unable and refused to. I was healthy, had resources and skills but did not want to partake in this charade. Inner and outer forces were always on the attack to unbalance me and dealing with them and making life better never seemed like a quest I could enjoy. I was more concerned with why and how I was put in such a place, a game I don't remember agreeing to play. The mysteries and fascinations took a friendly farewell as I willingly let them sail away, and although I have no expectations from death, I enter through the gate.
Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-06-16)
Blliigghhtted - Into the Cunt of the Witch
Into the Cunt of the Witch - Album Credits
  • Ruhanathanas : Conduction
  • Merdümgiriz : Drums
  • Emir Toğrul : Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Lyrics
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