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Star of Sirrah Lyrics

Ayreon - The Source

The Source

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal, Progressive Rock, Rock Opera
Album rating :  91.7 / 100
Votes :  3
4. Star of Sirrah (7:03)
Track rating :  90 / 100       Votes :  1       [ ]
Star of Sirrah Lyrics
[Historian] This fateful day, we are gathered here inside this hall
To find a way to escape our pending fate
We lack the power to immobilize the ‘Frame
We need to save our race and leave this world behind
But can we leave the rest...to die?

[President] You have all been chosen for your skills and expertise
I beg you to have faith in me and I vow to set you free
I see only one solution, we have to leave this dying world
But I need us to collaborate and together we will find a way

[Astronomer] I found our destination near the Star of Sirrah
A sphere drowned in water in the Alpha Pegasi
[Captain] I'll set the navigation for the Star of Sirrah
Fire up the Starblade , are you ready for the quest to our new world

[Prophet] In the holy book of scripture, the Revelation of the Seals
It was prophesized this day would come, Armageddon was revealed
A Gathering of Sages, the Aligning of the Ten
They’ll deliver us from evil and guide us to our sanctuary amid the stars

[Chemist] You realize, if we’re to live on an ocean world
To survive, we need to change and adapt
Liquid Eternity allows us to evolve
It’s the Source of our rebirth, the essence of life!

[Diplomat] The pieces fit, we’ve got all we need
Now the puzzle is complete
I hope the ‘Frame will allow us to escape
We must bid Alpha goodbye and leave our friends to die!

[Biologist] We found our destination, near the Star of Sirrah
A sphere drowned in water in the Alpha Pegasi
We’ll set the navigation for the Star of Sirrah
Fire up the Starblade, we are ready for the quest to our new world!
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Ayreon - The Source
The Source - Album Credits
  • Arjen Anthony Lucassen : Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
  • Ed Warby : Drums
Additional musicians
  • Paul Gilbert : Lead Guitars
  • Guthrie Govan : Lead Guitars
  • Marcel Coenen : Lead Guitars
  • Joost van den Broek : Piano
  • Mark Kelly : Synthesizer
  • Ben Mathot : Violin
  • Maaike Peterse : Cello
  • Jeroen Goossens : Wind Instruments
  • James LaBrie : Vocals (as the historian)
  • Tommy Karevik : Vocals (as the opposition leader)
  • Tommy Rogers : Vocals (as the chemist)
  • Simone Simons : Vocals (as the counselor)
  • Nils K. Rue : Vocals (as the prophet)
  • Tobias Sammet : Vocals (as the captain)
  • Hansi Kürsch : Vocals (as the astronomer)
  • Michael Mills : Vocals (as th-1)
  • Russell Allen : Vocals (as the president)
  • Michael Eriksen : Vocals (as the diplomat)
  • Floor Jansen : Vocals (as the biologist)
  • Zaher Zorgati : Vocals (as the preacher)
Other staff
  • Arjen Lucassen : Producer
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