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Enigmatic Utopia Lyrics

Alux - Illusory Dimension

Illusory Dimension

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Folk Metal
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5. Enigmatic Utopia (8:27)
Enigmatic Utopia Lyrics
What have I just done, I just broke into this holy dwelling.
The evil forces made me flee the fight through the woods as if they really wanted me to arrive in this zone right here.
It seems like a peacefully place but my memories are telling me that there’s something wrong as this slowly resembles my own home

A light shines bright from my fireplace
There’s no doubt this is my own household,
must have been dreaming all this time around,
I’m going to rest until my troubles find their way out of my head
I will stop stressing out of things that are worthless

I'll destroy the culprit’s soul for all that he has done, oh gods no mercy shall I show, please forgive me for the frenzied mind, but I’m lost and scared with nothing in my hands, but faith for I will give them more of hatred hell

I’ll make sure this is not an illusion because I’ve been fooled before. The portraits look in flawless condition but my wall wasn’t painted in blood

Broken dreams all has been made to caught myself in this odd place. I must head upstairs in search of the brightness as the gleams are coloring the track that gods have shaped

After the illusive flash I went towards the wooden staris,
I crawled across the floor and tore my skin with rusty nails
And with my blood, dripping out of my knees
And with my moan, I incited the spirits in the breeze

Rotten fingernails toched my shoulders,
Stroked my hair and my skin
This darkness kept me blindfolded
I left the place as soon as I could

I soon scaped...

I fled in panic and passed through
a dark cold corridor, with everglowing ending
as if the Sun was coming out of it
A room full of candles lit-I dropped one full of liquid wax

I started fired on the carpet, and burning down the wood
Releasing colorful smokes melting with the clouds
where the spirits... Rest....
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Alux - Illusory Dimension
Illusory Dimension - Lyrics
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Alux - Illusory Dimension
Illusory Dimension - Album Credits
  • Erick Sánchez : Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Keyboards, Drums
  • Alexis Carrillo : Vocals, Keyboards, Lead Guitars
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