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Through the Eyes of Ea Lyrics

Aeternam - Disciples of the Unseen

Disciples of the Unseen

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresFolk Metal, Melodic Death Metal
LabelsMetal Blade Records
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10. Through the Eyes of Ea (6:31)
[PART I : Bearer of Aquarius]

When you stand at the gates of Anu
For you have ascended the road to Heaven
The snake shall be revealed to yourself
In the mighty symbol of life
But is this true ?
As winter is coming
Are you still searching for answers ?

[PART II : Revelations]

A scale on your skin
Stigmata of a false conception
Burning your temptations
I feel a deep hole within
The truth I will find
With a quick glance in your eyes
A fiery conclusion
For the sake of mankind

The end on your heels
Embrace the lights of hell
The promises that were
Made of human flesh
Enslave all the weak
Make them pay for their lies
A glimpse of my power
For the sake of mankind

You !
Have sent your prophet
To die on a rotten cross
And put on his shoulders
All the sins of the human race
You !
Carry all the secrets
Of a longtime evolution
But true knowledge will come
In the end when all is done

I am the son of man
I am Asari's soul
I am the evil one
أنا عدو الله

I feel a deep sadness within me
Resistance is futile
This is the prologue of the end
He's now the judge
I am defendant
Against a jury filled with death and it's slaves

Oh please forgive me
Turn on the lights and set me free

PART III : في عيون ابليس

عندما ستقف أمام أبواب أنوبس
بعد أن ترفع الى السماء
سيظهر الثعبان في رمز الحياة
هل هذى صحيح
عندما تقترب النهاية
ألازت تبحث عن جواب
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Aeternam - Disciples of the Unseen
Disciples of the Unseen - Lyrics
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Aeternam - Disciples of the Unseen
Disciples of the Unseen - Album Credits
  • Achraf Loudiy : Vocals & Guitars
  • Jonas Lapointe : Vocals & Bass
  • Alex Loignon : Guitars
  • Antoine Guertin : Drums
  • Samuel Dubois : Keyboards
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