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Blood Forever Blood Lyrics

Abominant - Triumph of the Kill

Triumph of the Kill

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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7. Blood Forever Blood (4:34)
Brothers all stand tall
For we are together as one
To believe in what we do and what we please
For metal is in our blood and in our hearts
And no one will take it away, it is our testament
We will make a stand and we shall fight
Together as one we burn like the sun
We are blood forever blood
Grasp hold of the flame
Stand up and be counted
Sheltered by our faith
We'll make it to the end
It is our call, it is our destiny
The temptation is yours
Open your eyes, closed minded fools, or die
The sword is our one, wielded it high
Wars still left to fight, glory as we conquer
United we stand, divided we never fall
Raise your horns in the air, can you hear the call?
Baptism of fire and blessed with a heart of steel
True warriors that stand above the weak
Strong we are and never will fall or bend a knee
Listen to our words, like venom we poison all
Into the pit of death
Let the celebration commence
Empowered by the kings of the past that live today
Deep in our souls where the fire never grows cold
With weapons of steel
We lay waste to all that say
That we are lost in the music that we play
All across the land
The road will take us there and back again
In the blackened halls where we gather
Hail brothers and sisters
And to all who's here tonight
For you are the minions of the eternal flame
Clothed by denim and leather
Wielding the axe of electric fire
We will burn all who oppose us
Cleanse with metal, cleanse with blood
Blood forever blood
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Abominant - Triumph of the Kill
Triumph of the Kill - Lyrics
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