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Arrival Lyrics

11th Dimension - Paramnesia


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11. Arrival (4:11)
Long ago it seemed so unreal
I’ve never believed I
Could achieve some place like this
But now that I’ve come so far
And wiped the tears I've cried
I'm not sure if I am dead or alive
I feel swallowed by time
My hands are shaking
My body aches
As I'm embraced by light waves
Something comes up to my mind
As I leave my bubble
It's funny to look back and find
That frail creature
So adamant that
Ended up running free
Without guidelines
Welcome to the 11th Dimension. Congratulations. Your goal was achieved. A new Enlightenment will fall upon you and you will no longer feel pain or cold or fear. You have the power to linger on in this timeless place alone as long as you desire, or turn back and start a new beginning using you knowledge for teaching others and create a new civilization. Use your powers for good. You are wiser now
This is a new concept
A new state of mind
A cradle of dreams
Forged in the hot springs of blood
That turn dark into light
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11th Dimension - Paramnesia
Paramnesia - Lyrics
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11th Dimension - Paramnesia
Paramnesia - Album Credits
Other staff
  • 11th Dimension : Recording Engineer
  • Pedro Mau : Mixing, Mastering Engineer
  • Pedro Lopes : Artwork
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