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The Scroll of the Elders Full Album Lyrics

z3r0c00l - The Scroll of the Elders cover art

The Scroll of the Elders

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresIndustrial Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level ― (2012-04-17)
1. The Gates of Oblivion (2:16)
2. Patch 1.2 (4:06)
With great anticipation, I've downloaded 1.2
The patch will fix the bugs I've found, I'll admit there have been few
This file is quite a major upgrade, so I dumped the non-official patch
Since most bug fixes would now be included in the official crap


There is one. (ONE)
Overlapping bug
Don't you strike your horse in combat, your bounty will rise
The other (thousand)
Bugs, mentioned in the readme
Every one was passed on by the devs, you can't deceive me.

With great anticipation, I've installed 1.2
The patch didn't fix the bugs I found, it's been a waste of bandwidth
This file has been a useless upgrade, I was stupid to delete the beta patch
Since most bug fixes were not included in this official scratch

Instead of making actual fixes, they just improve the textures
All that stuff was done on Day Two, by independent modders.
Why is it done this way?
Patches are free
More money is found
In Shivering Isles and the port for the PlayStation 3

Anger increases, my hatred won't subside
They say they fix these bugs I know they lied
We all thought Galaxies was bad, what fools we used to be
These devs all live for our money, why does no one care for me?

Now I hear of this game of the year addition
For the same price I paid, they get all the content made
Over the past year free, while I charged away
On my credit card, I feel ripped off again...
3. Disappointment (2:24)
4. Why? (1:14)
Less guilds!
Less quests!

Why did they choose graphics over gameplay?

Everything pales to Morrowind, The kids all want graphics not gameplay.
This game's a disgrace and we need reparation,
I demand money back today

The graphics were awesome the gameplay is gruesome. I have to force myself to play. This game's console garbage that needs mods to play, I never should have to play any game this way.

Why can't we have Morrowind with Oblivion's graphics

5. Gamebreaker (2:11)

This, for me at least, is a serious game breaker.
And please don't say "I can fish the 1 or two fish by slashing at them with a sword", this is not fishing.

I think it's a travesty they left fishing out or even the mechanisms. I refuse to pay for mods, but a fishing mod from Bethesda just might change my mind.

If all I could do in this game was explore with my horse and fish it'd stay on my hard drive for years.

I am also not referring to what you may envision as fishing games
There once was a game made called "Gone fishin"
To this day even with its horrid graphics it was the best fishing game ever

Just looking at the beautiful water in this game with nary a fish nor so much as a piece of bait or a fishing rod makes me ill.
Sadly it's been a game breaker for me...

Simple things. Starting a campfire and fishing. I can't understand how a game can dare to ask you to live in it or call itself a roleplaying game without such an obvious thing such as fishing.

This is my one and only rant on this game. Sure there are either minor issues but why bother bringing them up they all are acceptable IF you can fish which you can't.

So go ahead, create a fishing mod with a few hundred species of fish and some basic fishing mechanics.


You'd convert this 60's born game player into a modern consumer child in no time flat. I'd actually dig into my wallet or credit card or whatever fancy fangled thing it takes to spend 2 bucks online.

If only I could fish...

I still play links ls 2003 to this day and it will likely be on my hard drive for years and years to come yet. Sad that fishing games get such a hard time. I find it hard to believe I am the only one that wishes fishing were included. It really is so glaringly obvious to me it's missing I'm shocked they dismissed it so readily in an interview I saw with them pre-release.

The question was "Will there be fishing"?

The answer was something along the lines of "" You can fish with a sword if you can find a fish and smack them around [insert smirk here as the guy actually did smirk]. but you can't fish with a fishing rod. IT seemed he was referring to that "fishing quest" I saw in the game where you have to find a lone fish and hack it to death [what kind of stupid quest was this anyway going into knee deep water to hack a fish with a sword?
So what's up what did you have against fishing did you just dismiss it off the top or drop it all together when you rushed this to market.

SIGH what a great great great game this could have been...
6. The Fires of the Dragon (3:22)

There are five factions that give quests outside of the main quest
While Morrowind had 11

Each one of those factions had a larger storyline too

If only these locations were unique, like in Morrowind


You can't deny, Oblivion has been consolised
It's a reflection who this game has been catered to.

The user interface is big and too cumbersome, taking up space that could be used for far better things

I feel like you've stolen free will from me
I cannot refuse main missions I do not want to do
It's like I'm playing a movie where I can only choose when not if I do them.
That isn't good enough

This game
It should be an open sandbox
You need to give us free reign to do everything
How dare you charge for things you should have included for free,
Do you really think I'll pay for the next game?
7. Knights of the Nine (2:19)
8. MW>OB (1:53)
9. The Scroll of the Elders (1:35)
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