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Wold - Screech Owl cover art



Screech Owl

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal, Noise
LabelsProfound Lore Records
Album rating :  -
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Screech Owl Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-08-17)
1. An Habitation Of Dragons And A Court For Owls (4:25)
There shall the great owl make her nest,
And lay, and hatch, and gather under her shadow.

And the streams thereof shall be turned into pitch,
And the dust thereof into brimstone,
And the land thereof shall become burning pitch.

It shall not be quenched night nor day,
The smoke thereof shall go up forever:
From generation to generation it shall lie waste,
None shall pass through it forever and ever.

But the cormorant and bittern shall possess it,
The owl also and the raven shall dwell in it,
And he shall stretch out upon it the lines of confusion,
And the stones of emptiness.

They shall call the nobles thereof to the kingdom,
But none shall be there,
And all her princes shall be nothing.

And thorns shall come up in her palaces,
Nettles and brambles in the fortresses thereof,
And it shall be
An habitation of dragons, and a court for owls.

The wild beasts of the desert
Shall also meet with the wild beasts of the island.
And the satyr shall cry to his fellows,
The screech owl also shall rst there,
And find for herself a place of rest.

There shall the great owl make her nest,
And lay, and hatch, and gather under her shadow.
2. Ray Of Gold (6:30)
Dance along the fire pit:
Flames burn high in frozen night,
Her crystal eyes burn with sight.

Deep in forest of evergreen:
Cyclical auld existence looms,
Each disrobing of the moon.

At the gateway of the bridge:
Icy water so do entice,
Taste her breath and feel her might.

Spring summons rain:
Coulee starts to green,
It's the shade of an ancient dream.

Owl spreads her wings:
Creek flows free,
Just the way it's supposed to be.

Gaze with blue eyes:
Visions come from cast rune,
All shape she shall assume.

Open up the sky:
Pass the child from womb,
Brighter than the glare of noon.

Ray of gold:
We quest for your sacred hole,
Round and round the Maypole.
3. So That No Sword May Strike Him Down (2:45)
The bright child conatins the lesser light,
Screech owl did send the fires forth,
We sprinkle him with dew from the sacred ground,
So that no sword may strike him down.

The bright child is a night child,
His glory is the night sky,
As his heart beats so does the moon shimmer,
His eyes shine as the morning star does glimmer.

The bright child walks the realm of obscurity,
Revels in enchantment of the lesser light,
Quietly carves away at the rough ashlar,
To form and define the middle pillar.
4. The Field Hag (5:05)
Bitch. Badb.
Witch, old crone:
They call you the field hag,
Yours is the weed and the sage.

Barren one, yet you contain fertile depths,
Dry one, yet you are lush, deep within,
They call you the field hag,
It is you who makes the pastures green.

Field hag I shall provide thou offering,
In obeisance I await your conjuring,
"Tie her down when the moon is nice and round,
Smoke her with this smoke under moon and ember."

Old crone holds me down,
Speaks of things profound:
"She must be immersed down in coulee
When all is done bury her in prairie thrall."

The moon is full under autumn chill:
Capture the village maiden -
Perform the ritual of the Field Hag,
Rigid and cold as impending winter.

Hag's cruel grasp of ice:
Molestation by the cold night,
Break the earth with spade and wonder,
There I bury her, in the coulee.

Village maiden rests in the coulee:
An offering to the field hag,
The old crone is wise and kind,
I give gifts to the wise field hag.

When the snow queen departs:
The coulee begins its thaw.
The field hag unearths the village maiden,
And uses her remains for magic.
5. Nervosa (3:46)
Screech owl I does woo,
In the name of existentia
Was Odin's solemn ado.
"Who'er shall provoke thee then encounter shall rue,"
Her will is of action,
Her voice is for few,
In the fearless north,
Her word is true.

Snowstorms of purity.
Blizzard-mistress, Anorexia,
She brings harsh truth and severity.
Firm and sad becomes then thee,
The weeping willows of
Which whip my back so willingly:
These are her delicate tears,
The pale children of anxiety.
6. Windmill (1:51)
7. December Eve (6:50)
On December eve
The good folk,
The faeries of auld,
Are more powerful than angels,
They dance in the cold.

The good folk
On December eve,
With fires burning high,
Troop as angel rapers,
Under the prairie sky.

On December eve
The good folk
Chant in a ring,
With screech owl in the centre
This is what they sing:

"On December eve
Cold winds
Make the willows weave.

"On December eve
Owl spreads
Her wings to grieve.

"On December eve
Winter deems
There's no reprieve."

The good folk
On December eve,
Reign at winter's helm:
They are more real than the outside God,
Because the earth is their realm.
8. This Is How I Know (4:20)
For the moon tells me so,
As does anxious snow,
This is how I know,
For the wind tells me so.

All these burnings in her,
Beaming red; ruby-pure,
Shine through the blizzard's blur,
Life is burning in her.

And so it came to pass,
Of a radiant wrath,
That a spear was cast,
And so it came to pass.

Ice spear of the ancient north,
Screech owl did send the fires forth,
To heat the frozen forge of earth,
Ice spear of the ancient north.

Ice spear contains the will,
Kvasir's blood from dwarf's kill,
Golden Odrerir, it doth spill,
Ice spear contains the will.

This is how I know,
For screech owl tells me so,
Sign, skald, and swirling snow,
This is how I know.
9. Gather Under Her Shadow (8:06)
She stretches over me,
She stretches over me,
The prairie night sky:
Screech owl wings.

I can feel my will
Begin to reveal...
I can feel my will
Advance for the kill
Of the mediocrity
Y'all have thrust on me.

Screech owl is pressure,
Lord differentiation.
Plum-Rule measure:
Quietly I will...

Forget not,
I shall forget not,
Amongst the passivity
And the contrived pleasantry,
I will not be harmonized:
Liars, I shall not forget.

I search for volumes to build a library,
Screech owl of the tree.
The library is a shrine unto thee:
Quietly I will...

Forget not
Most assuredly I shall not,
Remember this: revenge comes swift
And its vessel is many a strange chariot,
My will shall prevail,
Liars, I shall not forget.

She stretches over me,
She stretches over me,
The prairie night sky:
Screech owl wings.
10. A Sword Becomes Red With Fury (5:21)
11. Screech Owl (5:28)
Under her dark wings
Fires rage again.

Screech owl:
Creative will of fire-wrath.
Burning the greenest of wood
I follow the serpent's path.

Prove up and then prove again,
Three steps to nothing,
Screech owl's grace
Is self's embrace,
Lonely screech owl
Reflects my face.

Owl and dragon:
Pillars of most high,
Hail empty place:
Nighttime prairie sky.

Existence conquers essence,
Existence is her palace:
Under her dark wings
Knell seven bell rings,
Fires rage again
Under her dark wings.

Screech owl:
I am predator of the night,
Beautiful anxiety:
I am the lightning strike.

Under her dark wings
Fires rage again.
12. I Am The Chisel (5:38)
I'm the chisel,
I'm daunting flame,
I'm the hero
Of screech owl's reign:
Bearer of endless pain.

I'm the wise one,
I'm greatest treason,
I'm the Dasein
Of unfettered Legion:
Slayer of holy reason.

I'm the prairie,
I'm terrestrial clanned,
I'm the radiant components
Of nature's demand:
Biter of holy hand.

Screech owl:
I'm the chisel.
13. Undying Fire Of Urian (12:54)
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